Duke Energy Takes Proactive Stance on Global Warming

de_logo.gifThe Duke Energy Corporation has decided to take the lead in addressing the global warming problem by lobbying for a tax on carbon dioxide emissions that would reduce fossil fuel consumption.
Duke Energy CEO Paul Anderson says he personally feels, “the time has come to act – to take steps as a nation to reduce the carbon intensity of our economy.” Read more in Forbes.com.

One response

  1. Not to put this down, because it does feel like a major step forward, but what have they got to lose. All of their coal-fired power plants are regulated, so they can pass costs through to ratepayers or recover their sunk costs if they have to retire their old plants.
    Their unregulated plants are largely efficient gas-fired power plants which would benefit by the cost of energy going up, not to mention that it would increase their utilization rates in many of the market that are currently oversupplied.
    I am actually surprised that more companies are not on board with this.

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