Electric Cars Running out of Juice

electriccar.jpgElectric cars, once the most promising automotive option for drivers wanting to get out from under the thumb of oil companies, are all but extinct. In fact, instead of offering former lessees the option of buying these cars, American automotive companies have refused to do so, with GM opting to take its EV1s out to the Arizona desert and crush them instead of letting their legend live on. Only Toyota has allowed their customers the option of buying these cars.
There are numerous theories as to why electric cars failed and American manufacturers seem so petrified to still have them on the street. Ideas range from the fear of being sued for lack of replaceable parts, to animosity on the part of automakers that California legislation mandated that major auto manufacturers build a certain number of polltuion free vehicles amidst clean air efforts.

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  1. Then again, the fact that EVs need little repair or maintenance does not endear them to new-auto dealers, who derive up to 40% of their profits from parts and service. Of course, the OHilies have pitched in with Big Auto to spend perhaps a billion dollars on anti-EV lobbying, planted op-ed pieces, lawsuits and such…

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