Office Depot Advertisments Now 75% Post Consumer

Although many consumers still have a hard time recognizing the difference between “recycled” and “post-consumer recycled“, Office Depot has taken advanced, proactive steps to make their advertising inserts a showcase of sustainability. In the Canadian market, Office Depot exceeded their own goals and now boasts 75% Post consumer content in their newspaper-insert advertising. That may … Continued

Israeli Economy to Gain $181Mil Per Year with Solar

In a recent study, Eco Energy reports that Israel stands to reap as much as $2 Billion in economic gains over 10 years by investing heavily in solar energy. The report says most of the benefit to the economy will come from avoiding carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants, saving electricity transportation costs, and savings … Continued

Beijing Announces Energy Hotline to Cut Waste

The Chinese government is taking steps to curtail runaway energy use in Beijing by offering a telephone hotline for people to report violators. (Source – China Daily) The idea is that if wasteful companies are publically shamed, energy use will fall into line with the city’s current capacity. To be honest, this set-up sounds a … Continued

Can Ranchers Save the Rainforest?

Clear cutting of the rain forest for the purpose of cattle grazing is seen by many as the number one enemy of the Amazon. Ironically, it may be that those doing the cutting are the future saviours of this vast expanse of land often dubbed the “lungs of the earth”. Through an incentive program similar … Continued

Enjoy the Long Weekend!

It’s the start of a long weekend here in the USA, in honor of Memorial Day. Our thoughts go out to everyone (soldiers and civilians alike) caught up in Iraq and elsewhere. From all of us here at 3P, have a great, safe weekend, and as always, give yourself a break and don’t work too … Continued

BP Solar Lights the Way for Entire Company

What’s a major oil company to do when faced with an evolving market moving steadily toward a renewable energy future? While some oil companies might stick their heads in the sand (literally in the case of Alberta), farsighted companies might rebrand themselves as “energy” companies and begin large scale investments in non-oil based energy sources. … Continued

Valuing Corporate Values

Strategy+Business has a long article for your weekend reading on companies’ increasingly common practice of expressing ethically based corporate values. It’s a great thing on paper, but how much of it is really taken seriously and where is it headed? And what are broad, ethically minded values statements really based on? Booz Allen Hamilton and … Continued

Green MBA Podcast from KQED

Here’s something good to load up for your weekend. KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny (San Francisco Public Radio) recently had a program on “green MBAs” – “the trend of teaching business students environmentally and socially sustainable business practices.” The program features guests from two sustainable MBA programs, Bainbridge and Presidio. It’s downloadable as a podcast … Continued

Presidio World College Announces Graduating Class

A new breed of business professional will enter the workforce after Presidio World College graduates its first class from the MBA program in Sustainable Management. Following two years of intensive, collaborative studies at the San Francisco-based school, the Class of 2005 will be awarded diplomas on Saturday, June 4, at the Presidio Golf Course & … Continued

Rainwater Collection Makes Good Business

Collecting rainwater, especially in dry climates, is a great way to reduce one’s water bill, and in some areas get better quality drinking water. Richard Heinichen of appropriately named Dripping Springs, TX had had enough with hard-water wells and decided to start collecting and filtering rainwater in barrels. Over the years this has led to … Continued

ExxonMobil Investors Demand Climate Change Resolutions

Backed by over 28% of ExxonMobil’s largest shareholders (Over $80 billion in market value), including the CalPERS and CalSTRS public pension funds in California, and the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), a resolution that the company’s board of directors undertake a comprehensive review on how it will meet the greenhouse gas reductions targets in countries participating … Continued

Does US Have The Will To Develop Clean Energy?

Just found a great article from Jeffrey Immelt (GE CEO) and Jonathan Lash (WRI) from Saturday May 21st’s Washington Post. They say our (US’s) primary objective must be to revolutionize the way we produce and consume energy and that fundamental change will require three things: 1) The brainpower to develop new technology 2) A market … Continued

Citibank Supports Social Entrepreneur Programs

Youth for Causes is a program by the YMCA of Singapore to support young people’s plans to create community programs and other charitable ventures. The organization was made possible with a sizable ‘investment’ from the Citigroup Foundation. It’s a great example of a simple corporate venture to positivly affect the community. (via Phatgnat)

Adam Smith vs. CSR

From Alan Murry on the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion section (requires login): What harm is there in companies taking more responsibility for social and environmental problems? Plenty, if you adhere to the theories of Adam Smith, argued more than 200 years ago that the general welfare was better served by people pursuing their enlightened self-interest … Continued

Treasure America Project Moves Forward

The Treasure America project, a unique one month initiative by MBA students and others to promote sound energy policy in the United States while preserving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), is moving forward quickly. Meetings are being scheduled with community leaders in Kaktovik to discuss discuss economic, environmental, and social goals and strategies. For … Continued