Effects of Gulf Stream Slowdown on Business? Use Your Imagination

gulfstream.jpgBritain, which resides on the same latitude as Siberia, would be much colder, were it not for the Gulf Stream. This current transports an estimated 27,000 times more heat to England’s shores than all the power supplies in Britain could provide, warming the country by 5-8C. Researchers have detected the first signs of a slowdown in the Gulf Stream, evidently tied to global warming.
It is difficult to predict what the effects of this will be. Currents and weather systems take years to respond, so the jury will still be out on this one for awhile. Some models suggest Europe and specifically England will freeze, another is that the continent will cool while the rest of the world heats up due to global warming.
How does this relate to business? Better put, how doesn’t this relate to business? Imagine the consequences of a cooling Europe. Everything from agricultural to energy needs would be flipped on its head, with unimaginable fiscal consequences. Such consequences, unpredictable as they may be, must still be considered, as their effects are so overarching. Given such prospects, it seems no coincidence that carbon trading commenced this year in Europe, largely spurred by efforts to reduce global climate change.

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