GE Ecomagination Launches

ecomagination.gifAs reported by Joel Makower on Worldchanging yesterday, General Electric has just launched a major initiative toward sustainability, something they call “ecomagination“. It’s more than a trivial effort – the website is full-scale rebranding of GE from the top-down led by CEO Jeff Immelt. There is a strong message associating ecologically reposponsible innovation with good business. The messaging promises a real, long-term commitment to sustainability by GE. It will be interesting to see how will this stragegy pays off both in environmental terms, and in terms of shareholder value.
If you would like to see the advertisement. It’s here: Ecomagination Singing in the Rain

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  1. I saw a very cute commercial on TV today about GE ECOimagination. It was an elephant dancing to the music of “I’m singing in the rain”. Is there a possibility of me getting a copy to show to my family and friends? THANK YOU

  2. Your “singing in the rain” commercial is great. Is there any way you could send me a copy of this on a DVD? My wife and I laugh every time we see this commercial. Thank you.

  3. Your Ecomagination ads on television are great. I especially like the one of the young elephant tap dancing to “Singing in the Rain”. How can I get a copy. Any format, video CD, DVD or a computer file, would be good. Thanks again. Gene Hartley, Geologist.

  4. My family loves the commercial of the dancing elephant. Good work with the advertising and we will be purchasing for our new home all GE appliances.

  5. Love your commercial of the dancing elephant “Singing in the Rain” I am an Elephant lover and have to get a video or dvd. Please where can I get a copy ?
    Thank you J. Cheval

  6. I absolutely love this commercial. Like the others have posted here, it brightens my day when I see it. Any word on how we can get a copy?
    K. Schrottke

  7. Want a copy ,Where can we get one, how much ,Who do I ask, Need an answer. Love this Singing in the Rain Commercial. Always brings a smile to my face. Would like a copy to get more smiles to my face. Keep up the good works. More cute commercials like this one. My thanks to your advertising agency used to do your commercials.

  8. My Wife is absolutely obsessed with the Elephant dancing in the rain commercial… besides the fact that she Loves GE and ALL of our appliances are GE, How could I get a copy of this commercial to make her happy?

  9. It’s taken me a while to get to this, but I agree with all the comments on the baby elephant “Singing in the Rain”! What imagination, and how very amusing and well done.
    It is a cheerer-upper, for sure; good for at least a smile, and never gets stale. Congratulations for a wonderful ad! Would also like a copy if available in some format!

  10. Well, I’m not the only one, and that’s good news I went nuts when I saw the lil Elephant dancing away, can you believe that I have flipped channels looking for him? Where is he? What’s his name?

  11. Thank you for a great commercial. We love the little elephant dancing to “singing in the rain.”
    Is there some way we might obtain a copy on CD or DVD? Thank you.

  12. I’m sorry people, but the singing elephant in the rainforest is just not all that. I can deal with the dancing elephant, it does ooze cuteness, but elephants do not live in the rainforest. The ad agency for GE could have picked any number of rainforest animals to animate, but they choose an elephant, mainly because so many people, like myself, love elephants. But seeing the commericial just irks me to see a company putting an elephant out of its habitat.

  13. Does anyone know about the hidden piece or secret included in this commercial? Lately GE includes a prompt about recording the commercial to reveal a hidden message. I don’t think it’s in the video posted on GE’s web site.

  14. Does anyone know about the hidden piece or secret included in this commercial? Lately GE includes a prompt about recording the commercial to reveal a hidden message. I don’t think it’s in the video posted on GE’s web site.

  15. Hey you conspiracy theorists, forget the hidden message and just enjoy one of the best commercials ever made; that elephant is out of this world! Congrats to you, GE.

  16. The ecomagination commercial with the “Singing in the Rain” elephant is the best marketing – and cutest commercial – I have ever seen. Good work!

  17. at the end of the tv version (not in the web version from ge), there is maybe 12 or so frames (quarter second) that look like info slides… i’m sure if you record it, and play it back frame by frame (like a powerpoint slideshow), there is probably info about ge… i can’t seem to google it… AWESOME COMMERCIAL THOUGH!!! marketing genius!

  18. what is the text that flashed by quickly at the end of the commercial say. Why are they flashing it by so fast you can’t read it. The link earlier in this discussion conveniently leaves out the text.

  19. I too love the commercial and I get up and dance when I see it. It’s my own “no matter what, I will be happy” moment.
    I also started noticing the verbiage on the back end just before GE flashes the icons representing its other brands. I heard the teaser for the verbiage on today. Does any one know the so called hidden message???

  20. i was surprized to see all the requests for copies of your great commercial on ‘ecoimagination’ and I’m tuning in with the same request. anyway I can get a copy or prints somehow.

  21. We ALSO are in love with the dancing elephant. Our 15-month-old daughter cries for us to play it again online. Can we get a video somehow please?

  22. I’ve got TIVO which means I don’t watch many commercials. But this one….. I can watch it over and over and over. And every time I smile :-)

  23. The flashing message says “Jeff Immelt is God, buy only GE lightbulbs, washers, and get a GE credit card….”
    Actually no, the One Second Theater link is right on.

  24. I love a good commercial. This one is SO special that it really takes the cake. It definitely outshines the regular programming! You all should really develop it into a full scale dvd for kids 8 mos. to 108 years. It would probably take not only the cake but also Emmies, Grammies, Oscars, Pulitzers, Nobels, and Other Stuff. Keep it going for a long time just to make the whole world smile.

  25. You all are gay. Don’t you guys have anything productive to do. Instead of doing something with your lives, you talk about some stupid commercial that they play over and over again.
    “DIRRRR I want to see commercial again, again. Yeah, where can I get it on DVD so I can watch a 2 min. commercial a million times!!”
    You people make me SICK!!!!!

  26. Stash Media include the GE Singing in the Rain video on their compilation DVD no. 10 (July 2005). It can be purchased for $35 or $41.50 outside North America

  27. Stash Media include the GE Singing in the Rain video on their compilation DVD no. 10 (July 2005). It can be purchased for $35 or $41.50 outside North America
    So now you know! My jaw dropped the first time I saw the little elephant dance; and now he’s on my myspace page! I’m glad I found something to make me smile on rainy days (bah-humbug to you jerks downing the dancing elephant and all his fans! You’re just jeleous and sad, or you would think he was cute too. Being productive in life includes being happy…) Yay for the dancing elephant! He makes me happy!!!!!

  28. Lance Sterling-
    If it makes you sick to see how many people were commenting about liking the commercial, why don’t you yourself “find something productive to do” rather than getting on here and making rude, homophobic comments about the people who happen to enjoy a good commercial. Turns out there aren’t that many out there these days.

  29. Jennifer-
    Lance it right, you are all stupid! The commercial is not funny, is not cute, and is deffinetly not creative. You people are retarded! There are many good commericals out there these days, dumb ass. People like you are why the world is so messed up. People like you are why the terrorists hate america. Get a life!

  30. As a matter of fact Jennifer, I was studying and researching the theory of “Terraforming” and the ecologic properties involved in the process when I stumbled across you morons. How dare you. I bet you are one of those people who get the finger a lot when driving!
    As for the “homophobic comments,” The word “gay” has no sexual meaning in the 21st century. It is commonly used as a way to express a high degree of stupidity. Yeah Jennifer you should get with the times. Your left wing politically correct liberal ass nazi ways are history you grandma. I burnt you bad Jennifer, real bad.
    My Generation says step aside Jennifer. We’ll put all you in an old folks home if we have to.

  31. Hey Mike,
    That commericial was dumb. The only people that liked it were mentaly retarded people. The truth of what needs to be is always more relevant than you belive you are on every Thursday after the turtle crosses every road.

  32. to be honest, I couldn’t care less if you thought it was dumb because I wasn’t hired to come up with the idea anyway. I think you’re really deep though, keep it up!

  33. I love the comercial with elephant. It reminded of the Saggy Baggy Elephant Story. Where the other animals used to laugh at the elephant when he was learning to dance. Look at hin=m now guys. Where Can I get a copy of that.

  34. Lance,
    Though I don’t think starting a revolution over a commercial is the most intelligent thing to do… I’d like to point out though it may make you feel like a big boy to insult people and called them Nazis it simply makes you look like a ignorant fool.
    I don’t doubt your “new school” ways or whatever you were calling them are amazing. However I’m seventeen and I’m liberal and I’m at least educated to know that Nazism was conservative idiot. Liberal = less government involvement, so next time do some research before you insult a “grandma”.
    Now, go read a book. It will do good for you to learn a little before attacking someone. The word gay may be used as however you choose it, I use it jokingly sometimes. However it doesn’t make it any less insulting to some and you should respect that.

  35. what i don’t get is they profit from all this eco adveritsement. Most companies make a product and then advertise to sell a product. They are advertising an idea of being eco friendly. They are spending millions and millions. Its everywhere.

  36. I was one of the team that made the commercial, thanks for all the supportive comments, and thanks for finding the time to; um…. “contribute” lance.
    all the best

  37. I know the tap dancer who actually danced in water to create the sound for the dancing elephant. He said it was the best job ever. I don’t get arguing about this commercial – it’s just plain good.

  38. When the commercial with the elephant dancing to, “Singing in the Rain” was taken off the air, I wrote to you and said,
    “bring the elephant back”. You took my advice.

    Thank you,

    Cathie Cadmus

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