Pension Funds to Invest in Clean Energy Projects

prosperity.jpgThe National Apollo Alliance of Washington State has proposed using state pension funds to creatively finance energy efficient upgrades to major buildings as well as to fund renewable energy projects.
A recent $3.5 million smart energy and efficiency upgrade of a Seattle skyscraper by Washington Real Estate Holdings, which manages the state’s pension funds, lowered average annual energy consumption by 40 percent, saved nearly 7 million kilowatt hours of energy per year, and had a 16.5% ROI with only a 6 year payback. This is what SMART, PROFITABLE, and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS is all about!
These projects create jobs, lower our need for imported oil, and make life better for all. It seems like a no brainer to me…read entire story in Sustainable Industries Journal Northwest.

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  1. Dear investors
    We are in the process of a worldwide private placement due to the reason that I intend to take the company public in NASDAQ Stock Exchange.
    The Green Energy area (solar hydrogen) and water (desalination plants) are considered as billion dollars Industries and the potential outcome that could arise, would be enormous.
    Doing this ,you could enjoy other benefits, such as to help the environment and to gain considerable profit.
    Availability of system of grants (45% of the total investment) from the European Union, which will leverage our investments and provide outstanding returns to our shareholders.
    Minimum investment in 100 blocks shares for 0.10 Euro cent per share.
    Finally to obtain some additional information for our company, please read the following.
    Lion Energy, one of the most important energy companies specialized in the alternative sources of energy at the universal level, is ready to start a pilot implementation of the sun desalination methods, collaborating with Patras University, using the hydrogen technologies. The usage of hydrogen as an alternative kind of energy is one of the biggest scientific advantages all over the world, the case which becomes much more appreciable after the last crises of oil prices. Lion Energy is one of a few companies that have to demonstrate an important project and a revolutionary innovation in use of hydrogen.
    The new pilot project, developed by Lion Energy , is planned to be implemented in Greece and presents a revolutionary combination of progressive technologies. These technologies afford the usage of sun radiation for sea water desalination and production of high quality drinking water. Thus, a substantial reduction of expense for desalination process, operation and service is achieved. The desalination systems Lion can function in high temperature amplitude without loosing their efficiency, and also they don’t use materials which corrode by sea water or are inclined to salts. Lion Energy suggests the design, manufacture and installation of the accomplished sun desalination system of sea water for drinking water production connected with the unit of electric energy production, using fuel cells with the intermediate production of hydrogen. The system will use sun energy as a source of heat while the hydrogen unit- fuel cells will supply with the necessary electric energy and heat so that the accomplished system can function all the time. This system will be autonomous and can operate in the distant regions without the net.

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