Evergreen Solar Added to Russell 2000 & 3000

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) has just been added to both the Russel 2000 and Russel 3000 indexes. The listing is a great sign of the viability and future of the solar industry, as well as a sign of alternative energy’s increasing role in our economy.

San Francisco to Ban Sweatshop Purchases?

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Supervisor Tom Ammiano announced yesterday a proposed ordinance that would prevent the city from buying products created using child labor or slave labor. Applying to domestic or foreign-made goods, and only to clothing the first year, the measure would also ban the purchase of products made in ways that … Continued

Turn $37m into $500m: Invest in Women

Over the past three years, the US Small Business Administration has spent $37 million to fund Women’s Business Centers, resulting in $500 million of associated economic activity. Many of the centers’ clients are women of color, or women with low household incomes; though many of the women who come to the centers for entrepreneurship training … Continued

Gas Tax in Canada to Fund Sustainable Infrastructure

The Canadian cities of Toronto and Ontario, both in the province of Ontario, will receive federal gas tax monies to fund environmentally sustainable projects such as public transit. This is the first time that federal funds, to be doled out over the next five years, will be used for such municipal projects. The actual amounts … Continued

Google Founders Investing in Nanosolar

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are investing in a new enterprise called Nanosolar, which specializes in thin-film photovoltaics. They’re not as efficient as regular crystaline cells, but they are less expensive and with deep pocketed investors are bound to get better. Alternative energy may be trendy, but Sergey and Larry are not known … Continued

Collecting Methane from Wastewater Fattens Bottom Line

Why pay to dump nutrient-rich wastewater when you can use it to boost the bottom line? By converting the methane in their wastewater to energy, the New Belgium Brewery in Colorado produces up to 60% of the electricity it needs to brew such beers as the popular Fat Tire Ale. Not only does this technique … Continued

High Fliers Have Offset Options

The UK airline industry expects that the number of air flights will increase enough in the next 25 years that greenhouse gas emissions will double… and that’s accounting for aircraft that will emit half of what they do today. This is rather significant, given that high elevation emissions may contribute up to three times as … Continued

VC’s Investing Millions into “Clean Tech” Start-Ups

According to Silicon Valley venture capital companies, the “Clean Tech” revolution is upon us. Clean Tech refers to companies opertaing in solar energy, water purification systems and alternative automotive fuels. Investor interest in clean-energy tech firms has jumped in the past year to over $520 million, fueled in part by escalating global demand for electricity … Continued

Buying Green Draws Lender Incentives

Fannie Mae has launched an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) program, which enables borrowers to qualify for larger loans than they would for non energy efficient homes. While this program promotes the design, construction and purchase of energy efficient dwellings, the incentive for Fannie Mae to offer such incentives is motivated by a pure bottom line … Continued

Play-Pump Addresses Rural Africa Water Needs

In some rural parts of South Africa, water gathering is a time-consuming and costly chore. Wells are not common due to the high cost of digging and the relatively high amount of effort it takes to get a small amount of water out. A new invention has made things a lot easier: The pump is … Continued

Whole Grain Pasta with your Prescription

Kaiser Permanente has teamed up with a natural-foods grocer to open the Food Farm’acy in Oakland, CA. Designed to promote healthier shopping habits, the food market is open to the public. It only stocks products that meet physician-in-chief Tom McDonald’s strict criteria for the “best and healthiest” food, including whole grain pasta, organic canned beans, … Continued

Biofuels Payoff for Brazil

The conversion of surplus sugarcane to ethanol in Brazil seems to be paying off for the country (See Washington Post). Brazil is now the world’s largest producer of ethanol and is exporting the fuel to the United States. Furthermore, an amazing 30% of Brazillian vehicles are already running on it, at price about half that … Continued

Mark Your Calendars for Sustainablog Blog-a-Thon

On Monday, July 11th, Jeff Strassburg at Sustainablog will be blogging for 24 hours straight to support the Earthways Home in St. Louis. The home demonstrates various green building technologies and techniques and is a project of the Missouri Botanical Garden. It’s definitely a project worth supporting, so please visit this post on sustainablog and … Continued

Find ANY Sustainability/CSR Report Ever Created

I’ve been using a great, free site called CorporateRegister.com for awhile and wanted to share it with all the 3p-ers. Their website provides access to all current CSR/Sustainablity reports, and an archive of all reports published since 1990. It’s the world’s most comprehensive directory of corporate non-financial (environment/social/sustainability/CSR) reports. You can also sign up to … Continued

Off to the Tundra

Triple Pundit editor Nick Aster is off to Kaktovik Alaska today as part of the Treasure America team – looking for a win-win solution to the ANWR oil drilling debate. Although is is easy to prove that drilling in ANWR will have a negligable, if not negative, economic benefit for the average American, it will … Continued