Collecting Methane from Wastewater Fattens Bottom Line

NewBelgium.jpgWhy pay to dump nutrient-rich wastewater when you can use it to boost the bottom line? By converting the methane in their wastewater to energy, the New Belgium Brewery in Colorado produces up to 60% of the electricity it needs to brew such beers as the popular Fat Tire Ale.
Not only does this technique reduce energy costs, the brewery avoids the steep water treatment fees that would otherwise be assessed by the city of Fort Collins. Shall we drink to that? Via the The Register Guard.

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  1. New Belgium Brewing Turning Wastewater to Cash

    New Belgium Brewing, a brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is using 40% less energy per barrel of output than the average American brewer. How do they do it? By being smart: They are aggressively targeting reduction of energy use…

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