Sweet on Fair Trade

FairTrade.jpgIf you only think of coffee when you think of Fair Trade, you’re missing out! American businesses are taking advantage of the growth of the fair trade industry by sourcing tea, cocoa, tropical fruit, rice, and now sugar from farmers that get paid fair prices, live and work in decent conditions, have access to capital, and who use sustainable agricultural practices.
Unilever-owned Ben & Jerry’s offers three ice creams flavored with Fair Trade Certified coffee extract. Yum!

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  1. Just the idea of eating ice cream owned by a huge corporation like Unilever disturbs me. I quit buying Ben and Jerry’s when they sold out. Quit buying Odwalla when they sold out to Coca Cola. Gotta draw the line someplace. That’s mine. Fair trade flavors in three ice creams looks like a token excuse for a press release to me, not a way of doing business.
    That’s my $.02

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