Whole Grain Pasta with your Prescription

Kaiser.gifKaiser Permanente has teamed up with a natural-foods grocer to open the Food Farm’acy in Oakland, CA. Designed to promote healthier shopping habits, the food market is open to the public. It only stocks products that meet physician-in-chief Tom McDonald’s strict criteria for the “best and healthiest” food, including whole grain pasta, organic canned beans, and frozen buffalo.
The HMO also promotes healthy eating amongst its clients and employees by hosting farmers markets at fifteen of its facilities in California and Oregon, with plans for more. Hm… an apple a day keeps the health insurance companies in the black? (Via SFGate.com)

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  1. Great, if self-serving idea — who else in corporte America would care about healthy eating habits? My dream: a healthy fast food restaurant that would cater to children, my beta name for it “Jumpin’ Beans”

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