Dannon to Cut 3.6 Million Pounds of Plastic by Nixing Lids

This morning I went to the shop to get some breakfast food and included some Dannon yogurt in my purchases. As I got home and opened one I thought, “why must they have these plastic lids, in addition to the foil?” Anyway, no sooner did I have that thought when I saw, under the plastic … Continued

Bayer Maintains Emissions Reductions Despite Growth

As reported in GreenBiz, AG Bayer has maintained last year’s levels of emissions and waste while still enjoying growth in production. In some cases emissions were actually lower. Bayer attributes the success mostly to improved efficiency, technology, and other innovations.

World’s Top 20 Sustainable Business Stocks

The inaugural issue of the new Progressive Investor newsletter has an interesting list of the World’s Top 20 Sustainable Stocks including Timberland, Sharp, Whole Foods Market, and Herman Miller among many others. The Progressive Investor is a new monthly sustainable investment newsletter for socially responsible business people. It is created by founder of SustainableBusiness.com, Rona … Continued

Ecomagination Featured in Industry Week

Launched in May of this year, General Electric’s “Ecomagination” campaign continues to gain momentum and attention. Most recently, a short interview with Jeffrey Immelt in Industry Week highlights some of the basics. The choice quotes by Immelt: This is not just good for society, its good for GE investors — we can solve tough global … Continued

Secret Greenhouse Gas Pact Signed by US, Others

The Australian reports that a secret pact has been signed between Australia, the US, China, South Korea, and India on Greenhouse Gas Emissions – those countries emit about 40% of the world’s share. The pact is known as the “Asia Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate”, and is billed by its promoters as different … Continued

Carbon Emissions: Sequestration or Elimination?

Sustainability Zone had a great article a while back about the basics of carbon emissions reductions. Check it out here. There are essentially two ways to deal with the problem – one is obviously to reduce emissions alltogether, via improved efficiency and voluntary reduction. The other, accepting the fact that we are inevitably wedded to … Continued

Investors Pouring Into Nano Solar

Monday’s SF Chronicle reports on the rapid growth in solar nanotechnology. The hot item: Rolls of super-efficient plastic photovoltaics that can be spread on rooftops or gadgets. Production costs and energy distribution on incredibly tiny scales remain problems, but that hasn’t dampened optimism among investors. (Via Curt Rosengren)

Windsor Castle to Demonstate Mini-Hydro Power

The Royal residence at Windsor castle will soon be partly powered by a “mini-hydro” plant installed on an existing weir on the River Thames. A mini-hydro plant is a relatively low power generation station, though it does not require a massive dam. The four-turbine installation should power about a third of the castle. It’s an … Continued

When in Doubt, Go Green Yourself

In a shining example that going green can also mean going with the best of design, Chris Parlette’s fabulous Berkeley bungalow expresses the best of both sentiments. Bamboo flooring, recycled lumber, solar power partly paid for by state incentives… all wrapped up in a super hip home that, frankly, I wish I had! To me, … Continued

Debunking the Myth of Oil Dependency in Alaska

I got back from Alaska last week, and we’re in the process of pulling together our documentary film about the oil issure in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. If there’s anything I’ve learned from this experience, it’s that the issue is extremely complex. Still, we uncovered plenty of evidence that opening the refuge to drilling … Continued

Detroit’s Green Possibilities

Daniel Akst has a great article in the last Sunday New York Times that offers up some innovative proposals for the American auto industry. The article suggests that Detroit is staring opportunity in the face – that “going green” can be achieved while similtaneously appealing to the “environmentally conscious” as well as “meat-eating SUV owners”. … Continued

Presidio MBA Program Open House Thursday in San Francisco

Presidio World College, our future alma matter, and the first acredited MBA program specifically focused on sustainability will be having an open house this Thursday evening in San Francisco. Applications are still being accepted for the fall class. Details: Presidio World College Main Office, Building 36 on Lincoln Blvd @ Graham Street – call (415) … Continued

Chevron Announcers “Will You Join Us” Campaign

In an interesting twist for a major oil company, Chevron has launched a campaign asking consumers to join with the company in acknowledging the finiteness of the world’s oil supply and to practice conservation. The campaign is called “Will You Join Us?” and, it asks: “How can we make oil and gas supplies last longer … Continued

Case Study: The Cost Benefit of Flushless Urinals

The first in what we hope to be a long list of MBA business case studies is one I helped lead recently on the financial benefits of flushless urinals. It’s a topic that most people think is rather funny at first, but one that has suprisingly positive environmental as well as financial ramifications. Basically, my … Continued

Examining the Lobbyist – CSR Link

As reported in GreenBiz, a new WWF/SustainAbility report examines the degree to which company lobbying practices align with stated core business values. The report’s conclusions say that most companies have a least some degree of transparency on lobbying and public policy practices, but that a high degree of defensiveness remains. Download the entire PDF on … Continued