Can Profitability & Spiritual Meaning Be Connected?

spiritcap.jpgIs it possible to maximize profits and find deep spiritual meaning in our work at the same time? A new book written by Peter and Monika Mitchell Ressler, a husband and wife from New York called Spiritual Capitalism: What the FDNY Taught Wall Street About Money, offers answers to that question with bold new voices from the dog-eat-world of Wall Street itself.
As Co-Chief Executive Officers of a premier Wall Street headhunting firm, they make the surprising claim that the new practice of “Capitalism with a Conscience” is taking the business world by storm. From the depths of the cutthroat world of Wall Street high finance comes these refreshing words of wisdom.

According to co-Author Peter Ressler

As the seemingly endless trail of financial scandals are reported on daily, people are realizing that everything we do in business is personal. Every product or service we sell and the way we go about that affects clients, customers and investors personally.

I just received this book and originally read about it in last month’s issue of Worthwhile Magazine.

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  1. I read the book was heartened by its sentiment. What might seem to be idealism is fortified by the fact that the book is written by two Wall Street headhunters! I thought the connection of firefighting and capitalism was uniquely effective. Imagine if the new generation of business execs acted like hero firefighters and remembered the concept of unity the authors so eloquently detail.

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