The Latest “it” Field for MBAs

students.gifWe’re happy to see BusinessWeek Online reporting on the value of Green MBA programs in last weeks article It’s Getting Easier Being Green. The article reviews many “Top Notch” MBA programs around the world and concludes that “recruiters will increasingly look for students who are at least aware of these social and environmental issues.” It seems “students really want to align their personal values with their career goals and still make a profit.” …Their on to us!

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  1. I think my recent encounter with a 1st-year Harvard MBA student solidifies my, “I’ll believe when I see it,” attitude when it comes to MBA students really grasping the whole sustainability picture.
    I was helping my best friend, also a 1st-year Harvard MBA student, move into her on-campus housing. During one of our trips carrying items from the truck to her room, another student offered to help us. After getting into the room and unloading, the student points to the AC controls, and says, “Hey – here’s the best thing about being back in student housing.” The student proceeds to turn on the AC full blast and says, “Just leave it on all the time. I do even when I leave my room. We’re not paying for it. Isn’t that great?”
    Needless to say I was astounded.
    Welcome to Harvard Business school.

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