Organic Flower Company Continues to Thrive

We mentioned Gerald Prolman’s Organic Flower company before. But there’s a great article in yesterday’s SFGate that brings more to light about this inspiring individual and his increasingly successful company. Prolman credits passion and tireless enthusiasm as the keys to his success, along with the satisfaction of singlehandedly converting thousands of acres of farmland to … Continued

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Sun Beam

Wanna go green and get rich at the same time? State and Federal Incentives make solar infrastructure among the most lucrative and risk free investments that can be made. Take the following example: Here in my home town of Chicago, I am one of three owners living in a residential three flat building. Our monthly … Continued

What are A Million Solar Roofs Worth? $6 Billion.

The Million Solar Roofs initiative is a DOE project to jump start the installation of solar technology in the United States. The state of California, led by an enthusiastic Governor Schwarzenegger, hopes to install 3,000 Megawatts of capacity as a part of the program. So, what’s it really worth in economic terms? According to Clean … Continued

Alternet’s Top 10 Green Schools

Alternet has come out with a nifty piece commending 10 schools around the US as being particularily commendable for green practices. The criteria are especially interesting and are so thorough that I thought it would be worth it to quote them all right here and on the next page: A. Leadership in Energy and Environmental … Continued

USDA To Allow Organic Label Seal for Cosmetics

Because of the succesful lawsuit brought against the Agriculture Department (part of the US government) from Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and a consumer group, they are reversing their decision to yank the “USDA Organic” seal from lotions and lip balms and will now allow cosmetics to carry the round, green label. David Bronner, the president … Continued

UNEP Adivses African Nations to Invest in Environment to Eradicate Poverty

“To invest in the environment is the best investment to overcome poverty. You cannot solve the water problems without the protection of our forests”. So says United Nations Environment Program head Kalus Toepfer, specifically referring to African nationas and their high rate of poverty. A conference will be held in Nairobi this October on the … Continued

Green Life’s US Top 10 Worst “Greenwashers”

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “greenwashing”, it refers to companies that talk about how great they are environmentally and socially, but behind the scenes may not really be doing much. Greenwashing companies use PR tactics to promote their sustainability and CSR excellence when the facts say otherwise. Read The Green Life’s list … Continued

From Architecture to Zucchini – Sustainable Business Case Studies

Arnold Creek Productions has a great video out that showcases 12 different companies and organizations that are pioneers in the field of sustainable business. It’s about two hours long, and focuses on exploring how to merge economic, social and environmental issues while maintaning a successful business. It’s not cheap, at $60, but having seen the … Continued

The Lazy Environmentalist Radio Show

Josh Dorfman, of Vivavi, has a radio show on VoiceAmerica radio that’s definitely worth downloading or listening to live. It’s about “hip environmentalism”, helping the average consumer find “easy ways to go green”, and showcasing some cutting edge companies and groups of people. The show is broadcast every Monday afternoon, but you can listen any … Continued

City of Portland Succeeds in Reducing Greenhouse Gases to 1990 Levels

With remakably little difficulty or cost, the city of Portland, Oregon, has succeeded in lowering its greenhouse gas emissions essentially to the level in 1990. While other cities have squabled about the costs of such an endeavor, or ignored it altogether, Portland has laid out a series of investments and infrastructure projects that have made … Continued

Environmental Economics Blog Offers Welcomed Extra Angle

I just came across the Environmetal Economics Blog (via WorldChanging) which offers, not surprisingly, “dissemination of economists’ views on current environmental and natural resource issues.” In short, they offer a valuable, practical insight into pressing environmental issues – maintaining a scientific edge, which is part devil’s advocate, part confidence-builder. Check it out.

Japanese City Offers Fresh Veggies for Organic Waste

Japan continues to amaze me with the different civic inventive programs they come up with. Sendai City, Japan, will now offer about a dollar’s worth of fresh vegetables for every kilo of properly compressed organic waste citizens bring to a special marketplace in the city. The waste is given to farmers who, in turn, grow … Continued

FOE Argues that Voluntary Corporate Responsibility is not Good Enough

Friends of the Earth has put out a report arguing strongly that Corporate Social Responsibility cannot be a solely voluntary exercise if it aims to achieve any real level of accountability (PDF HERE). Rather, the report argues that government intervention is required to ensure a unified legal framework in which to achieve corporate accountability.

alonovo: An “Intelligent Marketplace” Launches

There are a lot of online product marketplaces out there, some better than others, that allow consumers to rate products based on various criteria. However, none, so far, have managed to give people a decent chance to rate products based on environmental and social responsibility. alonovo hopes to change that. They’ve set up a sharp … Continued

Using a Facilitated Workshop Method To Jump-Start Implementing Sustainability Initiatives

Our second 3P Case Study is on the Facilitated Workshop Aproach to Sustainability Management. Janice Nietzel and Sarah Feinstein suggest that conducting workshops on sustainability within organizations is a great way to jump-start sustainability improvements. The authors of this paper, both MBA students at the Presidio School of Management, held a one-day Eco-efficiency Brainstorming Workshop, … Continued