Johnson Controls Looks to Cash in on Hybrids

Not long after being named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Johnson Controls will make a push to dominate the battery technology associated with new hybrid vehicles – article here. The company has made a $4 Million investment in a new laboratory at their Glendale, WI headquarters and will us it as a “proving ground” … Continued

Looking for Funding? 24 Hours Left in the PSFK Idea Hunt

Global Trends Blog PSFK has an offer to help 25 entreprenures gain access to a “speed-investing” session in the next few weeks in New York. The idea is that you submit a proposal in 300 words or less about what you would do with a potential investment. If selected as an applicant, you get 5 … Continued

Hybrids vs. the Honda Jazz

Rod Edwards for Triple Pundit: Across the web, last week’s comments by Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn on the hybrid business model have polarized the green community. Ghosn explained Nissan’s lack of hybrid technology (Toyota licensed Altima-hybrid excepted) as a reflection of the fact that hybrids are a low-volume, high-investment product with benefits that can be … Continued

European Airlines Join EU Trading Program

With rising fuel costs, and high burn rates (literally) Airline participation in a carbon reduction program is potentially difficult. Nonetheless, Europe’s airlines have been included in the EU trading plan to cut CO2 emissions. Some airlines, such as British airways welcomed the plan, calling it “environmentally effective and economically efficient”, but others critisized the plan … Continued

Beauty Engineered Forever – Hip, Effective, and Green

One of the problems with “green marketing” is that, ironically, appearing “too green” can scare away a sizable segment of the market. See the story about Philips “earth bulb” light bulbs on Joel Makower’s recent blog post for an example. Household cleaning products are a commodity that has seen a number of “green” entrants, such … Continued

Safeway Commits to Major Renewable Energy Purchase

Safeway, one of the largest supermarket chains in the US has made a major commitment to renewable energy. According to GreenBiz, the company will convert all 15 San Francisco stores to 100% renewable energy, as well as all 270 fuel stations in the US. I didn’t even know Safeway operated “fuel stations”, but the supermarket … Continued

National “Downshifting” Week Gains Steam

“National Downshifting Week” is a successful campaign in the UK to encourage simpler living, embracement of pro-environmental pricipals, a saner use of time, and investment in family and community. It’s a “nice idea” and hopefully will catch on. A one week program like this, if it achieved critical mass, could really make a difference on … Continued

Women – the New Target Market and Influencers in the Video Game Industry

I recently ran across an interesting article in the Sunday Herald that looked at the game industry and its impact on society. Drawing the scorn of many for its assumed links to increases in violent behavior in children, it evokes in those living a significant number of hours in this cyber reality a feverish obsession … Continued

A possible vision behind Ebay’s acquisition of Skype?

It was announced in a big marketing splash: eBay will buy Skype. The business analysts were perplex, the Skype consumers surprised. Why in the world would an online auction company acquire an online communication service provider? Market studies, social and behavior trends studies were certainly conducted by Ebay in order to make the move. The … Continued

Mobile Phone “Currency” Accelerates Microlending in Kenya

Most of the world’s poor remain so because access to credit is denied. Microlending has helped revolutionize credit, but it’s the beginning. Now, small merchants in Kenya can use pre-paid phone cards in cell phones to call suppliers with orders. In addition, the telecom operator allows a transfer of funds from the pre-paid card to … Continued

Johnson Controls Added to Dow Jones Sustainabiliy Index

It makes perfect sense that a company whose primary mission is improving the energy efficiency of buildings to be held in high regard by the sustainability movement. Johnson Controls has officially been added to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – a benchmark of companies who make up the top 10% of companies meeting a variety … Continued

NEC Opens “Eco-Friendly” Complex in Kawasaki

With the success of the 2005 Expo in Aichi, there has been a lot of attention focused on Japanese green building techniques and accomplishments. The latest to make the press is NEC’s “Tamagawa Renaissance City”. The facility boasts rainwater reuse, a compost system, reduced CO2 emissions, and if dismantled, could be 97% recycled. (via Japan … Continued

Swiss Re Joins Chicago Climate Exchange

Adding further clout to the United States’ only marketplace for greenhouse gas emissions, Swiss Re has joined the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). The exchange is a voluntary system whose aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions via a market based trading system. As the world’s largest reinsurer, Swiss RE recognizes the potential impact that climate … Continued

Dutch Supermarket Chain Offering Biodegradable Packaging

Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has announced that all organic produce will be wrapped in biodegradable packaging not derived from petroleum. It might not be as significant as Safeway or Wal-Mart, but the change still represents a fairly major commitment from a fairly major chain. Personally, I still wonder why people insist on a large … Continued