Carnival of the Capitalists

Here it is folks – This week’s Carnival of the Capitalists! This is a much longer post than usual because it contains many, many posts from a great many blogs that all have something or another to do with capitalism, business or economics. Some have a decidedly “green” overtone to them, and some very much … Continued

Carnival of the Green Launches!

I’m happy to say that with CityHippy’s help, along with (already!) a few dozen other blogs, the Carnival of the Green is on the way. What this means is that every Monday, all the participating “green” blogs will send one of their best posts of teh preceeding week to be fatured on a “host blog”. … Continued

Ford Model U – Green, Clean… Edible?

This isn’t exactly new information, it’s something a friend of mine dug up. But it’s new to me, and very interesting. The Ford Model U was a concept car from 2003 that ran on a hydrogen engine. But the most interesting thing about it was the soy and corn based tires, panels, and engine oil. … Continued

Burger King Pulls Out of Voluntary Improvements in Health Standards

Despite states’ and even entire countries’ moving to improve the health of kids in schools by banning junk food, Burger King (UK) is stubbornly holding on to its roots. The chain has dropped out of a government led program to get food retailers to reduce levels of fat, salt, and other unhealthy ingredients. Still, as … Continued

High Tech Harvest in the Heart of Silicon Valley

Electonic waste is a growing problem all over the globe, but computer recycling is quickly gaining ground to deal with it. GreenCitizen and Acterra, two bay area groups, have teamed up to hold a “High Tech Harvest” in Palo Alto on November 11th. The educational event will allow people to drop off unwanted electronic for … Continued

ECOnomics Business Plan Challenge

As part of their “Ecomagination” campaign, GE has teamed up with Dow Jones to issue a great sounging business plan challenge: ECOnomics. The contest is offering up to $50,000 for a winning business plan that demonstrates how “green” business is “good” business. It’s open to all university and MBA students with a deadling of December … Continued

Oregonian: Bottom Line on Global Warming is Economy

An editorial in yesterday’s Oregonian sums it up nicely: “If you care about jobs, the economists say, you better care about climate change.” The editorial is exactly the kind of well argued news I’d like to see in papers across the country. It cites a new report by 50 Northwest scientists stating that unchecked global … Continued

Walmart Goes Green(er) with Bio Plastic Containers

Walmart’s grocery department will soon begin switching from petroleum based plastic clamshells to corn-based packaging. The potentially revolutionary news replaces an astonishing 114 Million plastic containers. Despite my generally poor feelings about Walmart, I’m pretty impressed – the potential impact on the bio plastics imdustry is enormous, as if McDonalds suddenly went all-organic. That said, … Continued

Solar Decathlon Wows DC

From Mary Morrison & Rick Anderson at Bainbridge Graduate Institute: On a beautiful fall day in the Nation’s Capitol, we discovered the solar decathlon. This is an annual event pitting 18 universities, national and international, against each other in designing the best solar home. The University of Colorado at Denver and Boulder defended their title … Continued

ANWR/Oil Dependance Video Now Better Quality

The “Treasure America” video we produced this summer is now available on Google Video in a larger, higher quality format. The video makes a solid economic argument in favor of preserving the Arctic Refuge in its current state. Please pass it on, blog about it, write your politicians and let people know that investment in … Continued

Wind Energy is Slowly Edging out Fossil Fuels in Colorado

The LA Times reports that in Colorado, wind power is now actually cheaper than fossil fuel electricity. The same goes for Oklahoma and Austin, TX. The reason has more to do with skyrocketing costs of coal and gas plants, and less to do with newfound wind technology. There is no mention in the article how … Continued

Interra Project Proposes Credit Card to Benefit Local Economies

I find myself often lamenting the corporate-brand takeover of the world. Sure, there’s something be said for economies of scale and convenience, but when every town in the world is dominated by the same six chain stores, it takes away from what’s interesting in life – and arguably undermines the strength of local economies. Aside … Continued

Who’s Paying for Climate Skepticism? ExxonMobile Is!

I’m not usually much for conspiracy theories, but this one seems well documented, and very juicy. The vast majority of scientists hold climate change to be a fact – and the vast majority of them also accept that much of it is due to human activity – mostly industrial and automotive emissions. There are, however, … Continued

McDonald’s Accepted as CERES Partner

As long as we’re giving credit where it’s due, kudos to Micky D’s for progressing to a point where they’ve been approved as a CERES partner. CERES is a well respected network of various parties, public and private who’s mission is “to move businesses, capital, and markets to advance lasting prosperity by valuing the health … Continued

Starbucks Gets Award for Better Recycled Content

Sometimes I think Starbucks gets a hard time from people because they’re an easy target. That’s not to say they’re without flaws, or that the very idea of endless identical chain establishments isn’t interantly troubling. Still, it’s nice to give credit where credit is due. Starbucks has recently been honored by the National Recycling Coalition … Continued