EcoHome Improvement Store – A New Business Launches

Looking for some Entrepreneurial Inspiration? EcoHome Improvement, the first store of its kind in the East Bay (Oakland & Berkeley, CA), will offer ecological and healthy home paints, flooring and kitchen remodeling materials. The store is being launched by recent Presidio grad Taja di Leonardi. “The store is already receiving a significant amount of calls … Continued

Rainforest Nations Profit Using Carbon Trading in Exchange for Preservation

Inspired by the Kyoto Agreement, developing nations with large stocks of rainforest are preparing to offer preservation of forests in exchange for the sale of their carbon emissions rights to developed economies, the Independent Reports. This was one of the basic expectations behind the accord – that developing nations would have a financial incentive to … Continued

The Great Barack Obama GM Compromise

Barack Obama is one of those rare politicians who’s both intelligent and capable of speaking his mind without caving-in to every imaginable political distraction around him. His latest address – the problem of an ailing General Motors, laying off thousands while producing (mostly) sub-par vehicles with lousy emissions standards. GM’s long-standing, and quite valid complaint … Continued

Patagonia Gets Closer to Realising Cradle to Cradle Philosophy

Patagagonia continues to lead the way in sustainable innovation among clothing retailers – they will now even take your dirty underwear in for recycling. That’s right – Patagonia Capilene® garments are capable of being recycled into new garments of equal quality. Since most recycling proceses result in inferior raw materials, this is quite a feat. … Continued

Saving the Environment, One Quarterly Report at at Time

From The New York Times, last week another great article about how companies are profiting by “going green”. The article details the efforts of a wide variety of companies from Wal Mart to Newman’s Own who are taking steps to make their operations more ecologically consiouse, and reaping financial gain at the same time. The … Continued

Goldman Sachs Speaks out on Value of Ecosystem Services

Goldman Sachs’ new environmental policy acknowledges the threat of global warming and other crises, but it goes a significant step further – recognizing the degradation of the planet’s “ecosystem services“. Such services are the provision of clean air and water, the control of pests, floods, drought, fertile soil, and processing of waste. They have been … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! To those of you outside the US, happy Thanksgiving anyway! Mr. Turkey here seems to have kidnapped the blog, and there won’t be any posting today or tommorow, check back on Monday! Looking forward to some great posts next week.

CK Prahalad’s “The Next Practice” Advisory Firm

The “Bottom of the Pyramid” concept refers to the vast market of people with minimal income individually, but massive market potential if taken as a collective. It’s also associated with sustainability in the sense that serving this market with affordable products can serve to better their lives without deepening their debts, as well as helping … Continued

Musings of an Eco-Entrepreneur

Skye Creative’s Shea Gunther has just launched a pretty nifty new blog with a focus on entrepreneurship in an ecoconsious manner. The content is great, and his recent “blog-a-thon” is worth checking out as well.

Smart Grids, Crude Awakenings, and the Future of Water

That’s the focus at the Second Annual Clean-Tech Investor Summit Hosted by Clean Edge and IBF. The conference will be an interesting mix of major corporations, smaller entrepreneurs, and clean energy investment groups. The idea – show investors the incredible growth opportunities present in clearn energy technologies and help jump start the market. Feb 1-2, … Continued

How Google Battles Power Consumption

People often joke that laptops are actually lap heaters, and PCs personal spaceheaters. They may use little energy compared to other appliances, but all that heat adds up – especially if you have thousands of computers racked together. Masters of data efficiency, Google, have a big challenge on their hand with energy consumption at their … Continued

Sustainable Energy Bike Tours in Oregon

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Why not go on a bike tour in Oregon? Why not make it more than a bike tour and visit permacultural farms, check out local economic programs, and meet a whole bunch of interesting folks along the way? Sustainable Energy in Motion offers one to two week … Continued

Canada Proposes Sales Tax on Food to Fund Sustainability

The Canadian Goods and Services Tax (like a sales tax) does not currently apply to food. A proposal by the Agricultural Institute of Canada proposes that the GST be extended to groceries in order to fund sustainable practices and consequently keep small farms afloat. Is a tax the right way to go about this? The … Continued

Treehugger Holiday Gift Guide

First of all, it’s waaaaay to early to be thinking about the holidays, but since Erin Oliver’s Treehugger post on holiday gifts came out today, I’m compelled to pass it on. Bookmark it to reference later in December. This is a great big post with gift ideas in all price categories and types – including … Continued