The Great Barack Obama GM Compromise

barak.jpgBarack Obama is one of those rare politicians who’s both intelligent and capable of speaking his mind without caving-in to every imaginable political distraction around him. His latest address – the problem of an ailing General Motors, laying off thousands while producing (mostly) sub-par vehicles with lousy emissions standards. GM’s long-standing, and quite valid complaint has been the costs of the very generous health and reitrement packages given to labor. So, says Barack, why not let the government take care of some of the health care costs for GM’s workers, and in return, get a promise from GM to invest the savings into better performing vehicles? Article Here. (via Grist)
For the latest 3P news on Obama’s ouster of GM CEO Rick Wagoner, click here

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  1. Great idea? Yeah, just keep taxing me to death to give the government more controll of our country. Where are our forefathers who revolted against Great Britian over this same thing. It is awful funny how they survived without this big government that just keeps getting bigger. How about this, tax me less so that I can afford to put more money toward the health insurance of my choosing. That way I am not being told who(doctor) I can or can not see by the government. Also, that way I do not have to be seen by a low paid government doctor instead of a well paid and very good at his job private doctor. If you needed a lawyer would you want a government appointed lawyer or a private lawyer. Besides that, the government is what got us in this mess to begin with. Lower tarrif rates on imports. Create legislation to send jobs over seas. Create problems so as to create bigger government. Wake up America, we need officials who want to give america back to the people and get the government out of lives. Barack Obama, just another government beurocrat who’s solution is to create bigger government.

  2. We keep pouring money down the drain because in a popular and less uneducated opinion this will provide good for everyone at no expense.
    Very few care to analyze where the money will be coming from. Rememeber, the same mentality results in average american family having ~8,000 debt on credit cards. Some stop to think about the debt that needs to be paid, others dont.

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