The Second Weekly Carnival of the Green!

cotg.gifOnce again, I’m happy to start your week with a fantastic Blog Carnival. Last time it was the “Carnival of the Capitalist” and this time, it’s the “Carnival of the Green”, which will be (obviously) less about economics and money and more about the environment, and some funky alternative ideas too. I’ve made a little bit of commentary and tried to categorize things a bit! If you have a blog and would like to contribute an entry, write to: carnivalofgreen at gmail.
Without further ado enjoy the carnival!

From the venerable Enviropundit – A great breakdown of the various third pary certification processes that are available to ensure that products, buildings, and services are really as green as they say they are.
Goodbye Dubai from Greener Magazine is a quick look (and a creepy video) about the amazing transformation of Dubai into the world’s ultimate materialist playground, a place that makes Las Vegas look quaint.
City Hippy presents the last in their three part interview with the UK Green Queen and host of No Waste Like Home, Penney Poyzer. Find out how Penney deals with cynics, what her favourite book, cd and movie is and what she would tell Tony Blair given the chance (as if he would listen. sigh). Check it out.
Common GroundEnvironmental authors including Bill McKibben, Ross Gelbspan and Amanda Griscom Little revisit
the “Death of Environmentalism” debate and the rebirth of “green politics.” (American Prospect) they also point us to a Washington Post article on turing junk into profits.
Dirty Greek presents “A Vegitarianism Rant” wherin the author lays down the negatives of meat, but dosn’t say it’s all bad – just a matter of moderation and knowing your meat comes from a sensible place.
Jen’s Green Journal gives us a description of the Sustainable Energy Bike Tours which can be undertaken from Portland – the tours visit various energy facilities and organic/permacultural farms for a better understanding of them – and a nice bike ride to boot!
Movingtonz brings us the conflict between wind power advocates and a group called “” who are coming out strongly against wind power – for a variety of mostly ill-conceived reasons – the author does a stellar job of picking apart their arguments. Definitely worth a read!
Insulating my water heater from the baloghblog Or, how I turned my hot water tank into a big (energy efficient) marshmallow…pictures and stats regarding energy savings with insulating pipes and wrapping a hot water heater with insulation blanket.
From Treehuggermum: Can’t see the Wood(y) for the (Palm)Trees? This comment on the recent Woody Harrelson interview on the Jonathan Ross show, is linked to how we don’t have to be super-rich to live sustainably, accompanied by ideas on how to live more sustainably on a limited income. Have a read.
Interesting TidBits
What the Raven Said. Blogger Dave Pollard at How to Save the World describes the current state of our awareness of how other animals communicate, suggests some good books and links to stories about this subject, and talks about some theories that suggest animals communicate in ways very different from human language, ways we may not even be aware of.
To Pee of not to Pee” Sound’s a little weird to most people, but yes, human urine is a great activator for compost.
Philobiblon on the maddening antics of drivers in London’s West End and why they ought to be riding the bus. Read Here.
Health and Community
Dee’s Dotes talks about the dumping of imported toxic waste in Utah and other troubling news from the area. Also, check out her post on Slag Cleanup in Our Neighborhood – an observation and commentary on the superfund cleanup site in Midvale, Utah. She offers speculation about the implications of this cleanup site and the change in character of the neighborhood in which she lives, surrounding neighborhoods and what this means to inhabitants of the area.
The Naked Vegetarian:Recycling the Dead” gives us a look at the way the deceased are handeled in remote Tibet. Not for the faint of heart, but certainly an ecologically thoughtful solution!
My Menopause Blog talks about the “big business” of menopause and the various medcines that companies convince women they need. It’s not always so simple.

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