How Would You Feel About Profiting from War?

Now here’s something interesting to think about over the new year: What to do when your company is offered a lot of money to sell to the US Military in the middle of a highly controversial war. It’s not an easy question, and I for one, see valid arguments both for and against entering into … Continued

Triple Pundit On Vacation

You may notice a lot fewer posts here over the next 10 days – I’m off to Mexico until the 10th for a little R&R which, of course, is essential for personal sustainability, which is required for any sort of eventual global sustainability. Bob Gower and Joey Feinstein are baby sitting the site till then, … Continued

3p Founder Nick Aster at Commonwealth Club Jan 31st

Something for your calendar: I will be part of a panel at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, January 31st. The topic is “Environmental Blogging” and I’ll be joined by Siel from Green LA Girl, Alex Steffan from Worldchanging, and Graham Hill (or Tim McGee) from Treehugger. Eric Corey Freed is the organizer and Gil … Continued

Rams, Eagles Play “Climate Neutral” NFL Game

Can climate neutrality and the NFL go hand in hand? LOHAS directory reports that it is indeed possible! Last week’s game in St. Louis between the Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles generated an estimated 58 tons of carbon emissions – mostly to heat the domed stadium. An organization called has arranged the purchase of … Continued

Another Victory for ANWR, and Hopefully Sound Energy Policy

The battle over ANWR continues, as everyone has probably read by now, with a major victory for the refuge. The battle is likely not to be over, and I encourage you, once again, to pass around the video we made this summer called “Drawing the Line” – Jimmy Carter himself called it “… a good … Continued

Great Green Marketing Article in CMO Mag

This article in CMO Magazine is worth perusing for its insight on “green marketing” – what works, and what doesn’t. The article makes the point that deliberately branding youself as “Green” carries with it quite a bit of risk, especially if you have a checkered past (like Wal Mart). I looked at this recently in … Continued

Is Growth Good?

Benjamin Friedman in The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth claims that economic growth is an imperative and morally necessary, particularly to raise the standard of living throughout the world. But is growth good? Several readers responded to this question on the Harvard Business School publication, Working Knowledge. Apparently most of the responses indicate that the … Continued

Milton Freidman vs. Whole Foods on

If you’ve ever grappled with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a certain degree of cynicism along with naivete. You may also recall Milton Friedman’s famous quote “the Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits” which is precisely the way many business people think about it. But check out this … Continued

The Great XMAS Tree Debacle – Real vs. Fake?

There’s an amusing article in this weekend’s SF Gate about the what many people see as quite a dillema – chosing a fake christmas tree over a real one. Personally, I can’t stand fake plants of any kind, so it’s real or nothing for me. Furthermore, I don’t think it’s all that big a deal … Continued

The Downside of the $100 Laptop

I’ve sung a lot of praise for the so-called “$100 Laptop” project spearheaded by MIT – the idea is to produce a simple laptop that can be sold in bulk to developing countries for about $100 each, then distributed to kids in schools. By all accounts, it’s an amazing idea, and an amazing example of … Continued

Good News From China? The Wake Up Call is Ringing

WBCSD, which incidentally is one of my favorite sources for news, has a great article today about the slowly growing awareness of environmental costs in China. Despite the obvious damage that has been done to health and ecology as a result of breakneck economic growth, not to mention a less-than-cooperative governement that tends to cover … Continued

Our Daily Bread, What Does It REALLY Cost?

Sustainable Ventures is offering a $10,000 prize to anyone who can measure the “true costs” of a loaf of bread. The idea is an exercise to produce metrics and frameworks upon which people can make more informed choices. Given the zillions of types of bread consumed around the world, a “true cost” will be pretty … Continued

Conscious Holiday Gifts for Children

There’s a nice little article in the JSOnline about “earth friendly” holiday gifts for kids. There are a lot of ideas in it from buying antiques, to giving immaterial items like museum memberships or art classes. But what’s interesting to me is that the article points out that many “green” products don’t proclaim their “greenness”. … Continued

Can the Burn of PyroMarketing ignite Green Marketing?

I came across the term “pyromarketing” in this week’s Economist as I was reading about the growing trend of reconciliation between religious and corporate America which intrigued me and I wondered how it might fit with “green” or sustainable marketing. Pyromarketing is a term coined by Greg Steilstra, formerly the chief marketer for Zondervan, a … Continued

Bank of America and Cause related Marketing

Recently I saw a Bank of America commercial that didn’t look like a commercial at all. The commercial looked like an advertisement promoting a new town image resulting from an urban renewal program. The commercial showed a city center with many historical buildings in various stages of renovation. The narrator started with a litany of … Continued