Starbucks Challenge 3.0 – Sign the Letter

starchall.jpgGreen LA Girl and City Hippy have been enjoying some great success in getting Starbucks’ attention with regards to the “fair trade” coffee issue. It is Starbucks’ policy to offer fair trade coffee to anyone who asks for it, but by and large, havn’t been able to deliver much when Starbucks around the world were asked for it.
The challenge works like this:
1) Pop into a Starbucks and ask, specifically, for a “Fair Trade” cup of coffee.
2) Observe what happens and send a report to Green LA Girl orCity Hippy.
Now, the challenge has been extended to include a letter-writing campaign – click here to hop on board! This is consumer action at its best.

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  1. As a Starbucks Employee, it is indeed policy to make ANY BLEND of coffee we sale at anytime. That being said, any blend you wish will only be french-pressed. Which funny enough is the best way to drink coffee – period.
    I’ve been to a lot of Starbucks, and you’ll usually find a problem at the Starbucks locations I like to call ShitBucks because they look like “shit”. You go inside to find the place a pig-pen. Right away “mismanagement” flags go up. Most people don’t care, but Starbucks does. File a “Customer Comments” brochure. Starbucks DOES LOOK AT THEM, and they do send their Sith Lords to smackass at stores that proper wrongly.

  2. I forgot to mention – you’ll be charged only for the size of your coffee. The remainder of the french press is freely sampled out to customers (a win-win to promote bean sales).

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