Prosper – A Microlending Model for Everyone?

Need a small loan? There’s an interesting business that just cropped up called “Prosper” which proposes to allow the general public to deposit money in an account and then make it available for small loans… sort of like a bank, but with a lot more input from the people who’ve deposited the funds. The whole … Continued

Recycle Bank Gives New Incentives for Consumers to Recycle

Recycle Bank is one of the coolest business ideas I’ve seen in a while. I was tipped off by this recent New York Times article about it. Basically, it’s a system wherein your recyling bin gets weighed, and you recive a coupon that’s redeemable at various stores for purchases. The arrangement is described in the … Continued

Naked Vegetarians? It’s Carnival of the Green Time

Just a little post this morning – it’s Monday, and that means a new carnival of the green. This time it’s over on a site called “The Naked Vegitarian“. Pop over and give it a read!

Wow! There’s a McDonald’s CSR Blog

McDonalds is a company that’s almost as demonized as Wal Mart, sometimes for silly reasons, sometimes for legitimate ones. Anyway, a few years ago McDonalds published a fake weblog about a french fry that looked like Abraham Lincoln. It was a major flop (read about it here) and bloggers around the world derided the company … Continued

Bottled Water Demand Starting to Cause Problems

Despite the noteworthy efforts of bottled water companies like Ethos and Biota, plastic bottles seem to be accumulating at an alarming rate, particularily in the developing world. (See this article in WBCSD) Part of it is fashion and paranoia in the United States, but part of it is grounded in legitimate distrust for the municipal … Continued

Wisconsin Proposing 10% Renewable Electricity Requirement

Joining the ranks of states like California, the Wisconsin senate has overwhelmingly passed a bill that requires 10% of electricity generated in the state to come from renewable sources by 2015. [article here] The bill, if passed by the state assembly, would generate billions in (mostly) wind-power projects for the local economy as well as … Continued

In Case You Havn’t Seen the Kermit Ford Escape Advert

I’m still a little disapointed with the status of American carmakers when it comes to high efficiency vehicles. Still, the advertisement which ran during the Super Bowl featuring Kermit the Frog and the Ford Escape Hybrid was cute, and hopefully effective. True, it’s still an SUV, but Americans find trucks to be more fashionable than … Continued

Hunter Lovins: The Treehugger Interview

Fellow Presidio MBA student Ed West and I interviewed Hunter Lovins for Treehugger last week. The interview went so well we decided to split it into two parts. In the first section, Hunter talks about her work creating sustainable local economies and what she’s been up to in Afghanistan. It’s well worth a read. Ed’s … Continued

BP Works with Hollywood to Promote Solar

Although it smacks a wee bit of greenwashing, British Petroleum has teamed up with a handful of Hollywood stars to promote a solar energy campaign aimed at low income residents. (business 2.0 article here) The project works like this: A celebrity purchases a home solar system from BP, and an identical system is donated to … Continued

Worldchanging Presents Ed Burtynsky’s Photographs

This is a bit of a side note, but Worldchanging has put together a very moving photographic journey with the help of photographer Ed Burtynsky. Click the image above to go straight to the site. Is this directly related to business? Well, yes it is, because it goes to the very fundamentals of what we’re … Continued

Excellent Chevron Interview on BBC

The BBC’s Mike Williams interviews Chevron vice-chairman Peter Robertson on peak oil and the future of the oil industry. The vice chairman gets put on the spot in a major way by the British interviewer who mercilessly drills him on climate change, greenwashing, the inevitability of the end of oil as well as what the … Continued

Bringing Social Cause Marketing to China, California Style

Even by itself, each one of these three statistics is enough to bring deep fear to any socially and environmentally conscious person: 1. Of the world’s 20 most polluted cities, 16 are in China 2. The Chinese automobile market is expected to be bigger than the U.S. market by 2025. Some 74 million Chinese families … Continued

Shell – Promiting Action on Climate Change Good For Business?

Coming from an oil company, tough talk on climate change is sometimes hard to believe. But Shell should still be applauded for at least giving lip service to promoting the idea of tighter emissions controls. (WBCSD a few days ago) Since a ravaged climate has an obviously negative effect on almost any business, it’s clearly … Continued

FT – Cost of Climate Change

I can’t help bu get excited when major, mainstream business publications have interesting storied related to environmental matters and in particular, climate change. The Financial Times (link via WBCSD) has a great piece on a good overview of the problems encountered in trying to justify costs in the short term that may or may not … Continued

Happy Valentine’s Day – Make it Sustainable!

While you’re out at the last minute today trying to decide what to do for your sweetheart, don’t forget to make it a “sustainable” Valentine’s Day – your lover will appreciate it! Treehugger has been kind enough to pull together no less than 50 recommendations to give something today that says “I love you” while … Continued