A San Francisco Congestion Charge?

I lived in London when the famous congestion charge went into effect, and I have to say that it definitely reduced the traffic on my street making the neighborhood far more pleasant and less smoggy. To top it off, London seems to have gotten quite used to it, and has sinced raised the daily fee … Continued

The Corporate Players in Organic Foods

As we’ve talked about quite a bit lately, organic food is becoming big business. This is both good and bad of course : less pesticides and a healthier population are good things, but there’s understandable fear that with big money involved quality standards may be compromised and the small farmer further decimated. I tend to … Continued

Bainbridge Graduate Institute Scores High in International Case Competition

Beating out traditional heavyweights like Yale, Berkeley, Duke and Stanford, the Bainbridge Graduate Institute finished 4th in its first case compeition among business schools. (CSRWire report here) BGI is one of a handful of new business schools founded on the principals of sustainabilty and offering a curriculum that integrates environmental and social considerations with a … Continued

What’s your Social Footprint?

You may have heard of the concept of an environmental “footprint”, or perhaps a “carbon footprint”, but now the Center for Sustainable Innovation has proposed measureing a company’s impact on society with a “social footprint” measurement. LOHAS article here. The concept builds on the Global Reporting Initiative and can be read about here.

Interesting Dialogue Opportunity on McDonald’s CSR Blog

My collegue, Steve Kopfl has been engaging McDonald’s on their “CSR Blog” and asked them about their lack of a ‘fair trade cofee’ policy and their continued use of polystrene foam cups. The answer (see here) that was give, although thoughtful, seems to miss the point of what Steve was asking. Namely – that there … Continued

Wal Mart’s Organic Commitment Pushes Us Further Past the Tipping Point

Wal Mart Stores plan to double their organic grocery offerings next month, in addition to a strong commitment to responsibly caught seafood and organic cotton in clothing (AP Article here). The best thing about this is the inevitable effect on Wal Mart’s massive supply chain – increasing the likelyhood that many other retailers and suppliers … Continued

AASHE Releases Its First Publication

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) has just put out a great digest on “campus sustainability news stories and resources from the past year”. It’s a great big PDF that you can download here containing hundreds of stories about various sustainable initiatives on university campuses, ranging from transportation to SRI, … Continued

Great Ray Anderson Interview on BBC

There are few business leaders as well known as Ray Anderson in terms of having an epiphany about sustainability. Andersons’s company – Interface Carpet – is a leader in the quest to create a truly cradle to cradle company with a goal of having “Zero Impact” on the environment. I could go on and on, … Continued

Environmental Defense – New Global Warming PSAs

Environmental Defense Fund has put together a couple new public service messages about global warming. Both are very dramatic and feature children as key players – and the recipients of the negative consequences of climate change. They are quite high on the “doomsday” scale, which may very well be correct, but I wonder how much … Continued

3P in SF Newspaper – Story on Green Blogs

Our own TriplePundit Chief Blogging Officer, Nick Aster, has gotten a fantastic quote on San Francisco’s largest newspaper, the SF Chronicle. It also mentions 3P’s fellow green blogs such as: Treehugger, Grist, Worldchanging, and City Hippy to name a few. Read the article here. The world is indeed changing and we are on the face … Continued

Dictionary of Sustainable Management

At long last, the Dictionary of Sustainable Management is finally live. The dictionary is an open resource of business-related terms that deal with issues of sustainability. All definitions are open to comment. The project was spearheaded by students at the Presidio School of Management, and is hosted here on Triple Pundit. Enjoy! If you have … Continued

DuPont Commits 10% of R&D to Bio-based Materials

As reported by BSR, DuPont is making a concerted effort to move away from fossil fuel based materials, investing almost 10% of their billion-dollar-plus R&D budget into renewable, bio-based products. The line up includes corn-based fuels, plastics, and other materials. By 2010, the company says 25% of its work will be in bio- materials.

Why Is Population Growth Always Considered Good?

Why is population growth so often assumed to be a good thing? Is economic well-being really dependant on it? Here’s a little article on CNN about the latest US County data on population [LINK HERE]. The language the article uses makes out population growth to be some kind of competition – with a county in … Continued

Blended Value Proposition – The New Triple Bottom Line?

Joel Makower, has this to say about the “Blended Value Proposition”: Before you glaze over about yet another sustainability-minded catchphrase, consider that this brave new term is being bandied about in the nation’s top business schools — or, at least, those with sustainability programs. It’s been a featured topic in mainstream business and investing publications, … Continued

The Wasteful Door Unlocker Analysis

This post is partly for the sake of amusement, but may have some useful points. Last night at an event, my collegue Pablo noticed that the locking mechanisms on the door were hot to the touch. Quite Hot. It turns out that the lock had a constant stream of electricity flowing through it in order … Continued