How Do You Feel About This Gallup Poll?


The graph above comes from a recent Gallup Poll which says that Americans “See the Environment as Getting Worse” but can’t be bothered to do anything about it because economic growth is a priority. My opinion is that this is a totally useless poll to begin with because it starts off right away framing environmental matters as necesarily opposed to economic matters. It also suggests that “compromises” need to be made in order to have a better environment. Says who? We definitely have to change things, but I wouldn’t call them compromises.
Economy and environment are NOT in opposition. If you trash the planet, guess what happens to your economy? Likewise, if your economy is a mess, the environment will likely suffer as short term thinking starts to kick in, but that only starts you on a mutual downward spiral. Both economy and environment need to be considered in order for progress to be made on either. (thx John)

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  1. If you look at the performance of the Dow over the same time, you’ll see that the dip in enivronmental priority matches up with the drop in stock prices. I’m glad the Dow hit a six year high today :-)

  2. This is a clear example of why journalists, just like consumers, landowners, businesses and government officials, need to be educated in the economic, health and quality of life benefits of sustainability. As the ones getting the message out to the masses, it is especially important that we help our friends in the traditional media get past these old habits and get environmental issues right (that the environmental issue is not just about protecting some spotted owl or distant wilderness that few are never going to see – it is about protecting the health of our economy, our public health, our national security, and our overall quality of life).
    That is why we have just established the beginnings of a sustainability “Resources for Journalists & Media Represenatitives” page in our education and outreach section at Conservation Value. Please do send us your favorite media resources and stories about communicating environmental issues to be posted over there.
    Happy Earth Day and keep up the great work 3P and 3P readers!

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