Amusing Ethical Anecdote from CFP Exam Book

The following quote is from pg 82.16 of the KEIR comprehensive review for the CFP Certification Examination (A section on estate planning): 4. Jerry Harner wants to leave a cottage in the woods to his mistress after he dies. Jerry does not want the gift to be included in his will since it will be … Continued

The Psychology of Environmental Communication

Which are you more apt to respond to while visiting your hotel room’s bathroom: “Help the hotel save energy, please reuse the towels” or “Help preserve the environment for future generations, please reuse the towels”? Check out the whole article here. The latter boasts an effectiveness rate almost 8 times higher than the former (even … Continued

Terrapass Takes on Ford Over CEI Ads

Not too long ago, Ford signed a pretty revolutionary deal with Terrapass, offering buyers of Ford cars the option to “neutralize” their CO2 emissions by paying a little extra for a Terrapass. It’s a big leap forward in terms of creating options for people to reduce their carbon footprint. The trouble is, Ford is a … Continued

GM Capping the Price of Gas. Is this the Beginning of the End?

As reported widely (LA Biz Journal, Treehugger), General Motors will offer a one year gasoline credit for buyers of new SUVs and full sized cars in California and Florida. Drivers will only pay a maximum of $1.99 per gallon for one year after the purchase date. This coincides with GM’s claim to be “going green”. … Continued

The Hidden Costs of Shipping

Joel Makower’s latest post on Grist brings up some great things to be aware of regarding the environmental costs of shipping. As with most fossil fuel dependant businesses I don’t think we’re going to see a great deal of change until the price of oil instigates it, but that’s not stopping a lot of interesting … Continued

Experimental River Turbines May Help Power NYC

There’s a really cool exhibit on plans for the development of Roosevelt Island at the AIA center in New York this month. The Island is the skinny piece of land between Queens and Manhattan which is accessible mainly by the overhead gondola you may have seen in Spiderman. Anyway, the designs for its redevelopment are … Continued

“We Call If Life” I Call It Bad Business

If you havn’t seen the mindboggling advertisements put out by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, watch the video below. CEI, funded by numerous companies – notably ExxonMobile, has produced these ads to make people belive that there is, in fact, no climactic crisis on the globe at all. The ads are so bad, they look like … Continued

Put “An Inconvenient Truth” On Your Calendar

Al Gore’s New Film, An Inconvenient Truth, Comes out in NY and LA this week, and elsewhere the following week. If you’ve ever seen his slide show, then you’ve basically seen the film, but it’s still worth checking out to reinforce the sense of urgency with which we really need to address our environmental problems … Continued

Kleiner Perkins Starts Green Innovation Award

From this weeks SF Business Journal, VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers will offer an annual $100,000 prize to promote green technology. Citing the “enormous power in prizes”, the firm expects green innovation to be the among biggest economic opportunities of the new century. (Don’t we all?) (thx Jamie)

Huge Green Section in NYTimes Today

Holy Cow – There’s more on Green Business in today’s New York Times than I’ve seen in one place. I’ve only begun to check it out, so no thoughts yet, other than today is a good day to go out and buy the times.

Simran Sethi Debuts TreeHugger News

Presidio grad Simran Sethi will be hosting a new TreeHugger TV segment called “TreeHugger News”, a weekly wrap up of highlights from the site, and other interesting news! The debut looks pretty sweet so far. Check it out by clicking here. The future is green, as we say!

New Pavement Could Alleviate Urban Heat Island Effect

The urban heat island effect is a costly bi-product of having a lot of land paved and built on. It can raise the air temperature in cities enough to send air conditioning bills through the roof, in addition to making things just plain un confortable. Green roofs, and lighter colored pavement help alleviate the problem, … Continued

UMass Toxic 100 List Updated

I should probably be working on my capstone (thesis) presentation for tommorow, but I couldn’t help spending a few minutes checking out the “Toxic 100” list from UMass which lists the 100 “most polluting” companies in the US. Everyone loves these rankings, and this one is filled with excellent detail down to the individual facilities’ … Continued

Google Trends of 3P Relevance

More fun to have while I take a break from writing. Google Trends is sort of a build-your-own Zeitgeist where you can track the popularity of words and phrases in search queries as well as in the news. It’s even got geographic specificity. Here are a few interesting ones to play with: Peak Oil John … Continued

Hugg Launches!

Another TreeHugger project, we’re proud to announce the launch of Hugg. If you are familiar with sites like Digg, then you’ll “get it” right away. If not, please read the detailed description on TreeHugger and start hugging!