Offshore Drilling Moving to State Level – A Good Idea?

So the house passed a law approving offshore drilling in the United States for natural gas and oil. What’s curious about this is the fact that it passes the responsibility to the state level. In other words, states that don’t want drilling can still keep it illegal, but states that approve of it get a … Continued

Wow, Two Weeks Without a Post

That’s what happens when you need a break. Anyway, I need your help. I’m spending so much time on Treehugger these days that 3P is getting a little neglected. We’re very interested in partnering up with organizations and individuals to keep 3P going as the blog for a pro-business environmentalism, a showcase for green MBAs, … Continued

National Association of Manufacturers on Global Warming

The crew who write the blog for the National Association of Manufacturers really have it out for global warming. I don’t know a whole lot about the organization, only that when you google topics related to global warming, the blog comes up a lot. So, although I have to respect people who want to think … Continued

Taking A Little Vacation

Well, so it goes again that 3P will be neglected for a little while as I take a short and much needed vacation. Should be back to action next week!

Wind Farm Moratorium Affecting Midwest, But Why?

A moratorium on new wind energy farms in the midwest has been imposed by the FAA and the Military who say that more studies need to be made to be certain that the towers don’t interfere with radar. This seems like a reasonable concern, but there is fear that a delay will cause great damage … Continued

Bank of America Offering Hybrid Reimbursement

Joining the ranks of other leading companies, Bank of America will now offer up to $3,000 per employee as a reimbursement for purchasing a hybrid vehicle. That’s pretty cool. The project will be evaluated in select markets, and possibly rolled out nationwise. I’m curious if BofA manages to share in some of the tax benefits … Continued

Wal Mart Hires Rocky Mountain Institute

Wal Mart continues to amaze: This time they have brought in the masters of sustainability, the Rocky Mountain Institute, to consult with them about efficiencies in transportation as well as in stores. (article here) With the likes of Amory Lovins discussing anything with high level officials from Wal Mart, the result is bound to be … Continued

Another Opportunity in China – Solar Water Heaters

Worldchanging points to a great article outlining the massive demand for solar water heaters in China. It’s a perfect example of the entrepreneurial opportuities that await in China – a country growing so rapidly it’s blinding, but were environmental consiousness is finally starting to sink in at a level where leapfrog technology, like solar heaters, … Continued

Getting to the Holdouts

The Climate Change awareness tipping point approaches, shoved to the precipice of rational understanding by four things: outspoken scientists, anecdotal observations of private citizens who see for themselves that climate is changing, the US release of “An Inconvenient Truth”, and the looming prospect of intensified storm damage. Being optimistic at root, Americans should have no … Continued

Apple Offering Computer Take-Back Program

It’s about time Apple did something like this – they offer free recycling for old computers (regardless of manufacturer) when you purchase a new one. The process is said to result in nothing hazardous being shipped overseas either. Although this is a great move, it’s only a baby-step in terms of any sort of meaningful … Continued

Bio Beetle Rentals Taking Off

Paul Sheldon of Presidio sent in this photo of his Bio-Beetle rental in Los Angeles last weekend. Paul reports that the ride was smooth and came complete with pamphlets to hand out to other drivers (does this remind you of a certain South Park episode?). At any rate, Bio-Beetle looks like a business off to … Continued

Columbia Dean on the Merits of the MBA

US News recently interviewed R. Glenn Hubbard, Dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business on the state of business and the merits of an MBA. Firstly, he discusses the “bad rap” that business seems to have aquired over the years, stating that business is indeed “noble” and that an MBA is one of the … Continued

Looking at Energy Consumption as an Opportunity not a Cost

Everyone knows that the staggering appetite for energy and resources in China and India is going to get bigger and bigger and cause untold strain on the world’s ecosystem as well as economy. But instead of throwing up your hands, think of it as a vast untapped opportunity for entrpreneurs who offer green technology, efficiency … Continued