Getting to the Holdouts

The Climate Change awareness tipping point approaches, shoved to the precipice of rational understanding by four things: outspoken scientists, anecdotal observations of private citizens who see for themselves that climate is changing, the US release of “An Inconvenient Truth”, and the looming prospect of intensified storm damage. Being optimistic at root, Americans should have no shortage of ideas for coping with climate crisis. Blogs and mainstream print media regularly document the products, technologies, and services that can deliver high resource efficiency and climate change adaptive lifestyles. Sensing the market shift, industry seems ready to satisfy the ‘climate survivalist’ market, becoming designer’s of elegant efficiency. But progress has been slow, with the pragmatism of science and the response of free markets still constrained to a political, academic, and industrial minority.

The obstacle to making the truth convenient and eco-optimism a majority characteristic has been a remarkably powerful cult of disbelief. Remember the legendary “holdouts” of the Japanese Imperial Army? Japanese Soldiers hid in mountain jungle caves of Pacific Islands long after their nation’s surrender. Some re-entered modern society up to three decades after the end of World War II. An eerie parallel is it not? . We in the US are a nation led by intellectual “holdouts’ who are clearly determined not to leave their personal islands of superstition. Perhaps some lessons learned from how the Japanese soldier holdouts were discovered and acculturated to contemporary beliefs can be used to good effect on today’s climate holdouts.
There were probably many ways in which the WW-II soldier-holdouts were enticed into the open, and eventually re-assimilated. A plate of delicious organic food left outside a Think Tank cave entrance sounds like good bait for the propaganda arm of holdouts. Perhaps this could be followed with the promise of useful work in an eco-efficient industry, getting them permanently off the denial advocacy dole.
On what basis might tackling the skeptics first be helpful? Well, there’s no more powerful and convincing a believer than the recently converted. Imagine directing the skills of best denial propagandists to good works. How would the conversions begin? Tactically speaking it should not be that hard to get them “out of the cave.”
For this job we need the assistance of industries that “get it” and are big enough to have lobbyists on the payroll. You know who you are.
First thing is to ‘call in a recruiter strike’. Contact every decent recruiter you ever heard from and tell them all about those wonderfully talented holdouts in Academia, in Think Tanks, and in agencies of government. Maybe even give them some suggestions on industries that could use a hand in proving their eco=efficiency to a skeptical public. Don’t overlook the small fry. Some of those State Climatologists are acting like they work in a climate science chop shop lately.
Once they get real jobs, the free market takes care of the deprogramming phase.

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