Empowering Indian Farmers With Mobile Phone Market Applications

Azeem Azhar brought to my attention a very interesting project that he’s been working on with Indian farmers that exemplifies the best of leapfrog technology. It’s a system to provide accurate weather forecasts, as well as pricing data for their crops, sent to their mobile phones. The pilot project, detailed in the London Times, is … Continued

Carnival of the Green Moves to TreeHugger for #38

Blog carnivals just keep rolling along. This Monday’s edition of the Carnival of the Green can be found at TreeHugger. Check it out. It’s authored by Jeff at Sustainablog who also reminded me that this in, in fact, carnival #38, not 40! (edited)

The “Bus Rapid Transit” Battle of Geary in San Francisco

San Francisco, given its density and supposedly progressive attitude ought to have a world class transportation system. Sadly, it does not. A ride on the city’s most popular bus line, the 38-Geary, takes an astonishing 60 minutes (or more) to cross the 6 mile route from beach to bay. I could rant about it well … Continued

Goldman Sachs Continues to Lead the Way in Green

Since announceing a very ‘green’ environmentlal policy last year, Goldman Sachs has invested $1.5 Billion in clean energy projects and appears to be only getting started. This article on Greenwire, via WBCSD, breaks down some of the specifics that Goldman has accomplished and their plans for the future. It’s especially interesting to note that the … Continued

The Green Future of Walmart in Fortune

I don’t have a lot of time to write about this today – but if you havn’t checked out the article on Wal Mart in Fortune, please do. It’s, once again, amazing and heartening. [LINK HERE]

Framing Population Decline as a Good Omen

Plenty Mag’s excellent blog alerted me to this very cool population projection map that was produced by Population Action International. (See the full size here) The first thing you notice when you look at that map is that some parts of the world, most notably Europe and Japan are in fact expected to *decline* in … Continued

On the Nature of Good Non-Confrontational Communication

You many have heard the news a month ago about the creation of the nation’s largest national monument stretching from Hawaii to Midway Island. You may also have been surprised to hear that it was created via executive order from none other than George W. Bush. But the best story to come out of it … Continued

It’s Carnival of the Green Time!

The 37th Weekly Carnival of the Green is up at “Myke’s Weblog“. Go on over and get your Monday started right!

Avoiding Bad Customer Service With AOL

Good customer service gives businesses a good name and most definitely improves their success. Bad customer service is bound to start causing problems and is very much something we want to avoid when we talk about the ‘big picture’ of sustainability. A great classic moment in bad customer service happened last month to Vincent Ferrari … Continued

Great Interview (and Debate) with DriveNeutral on TreeHugger

When you have some time today, hop on over to TreeHugger to read the interview Collin did with DriveNeutral CEO Jason Smith. I like promoting DN partly beacuse Jason is a friend of mine, but also because I’m very keen on the Chicago Climate Exchange‘s (CCX) concept of carbon credit trading as opposed to what … Continued

Landfills: A Source for Gold Mining?

I’ve never been fond of society’s craving for gold. It seems like a serious waste of time for some shiny metal and stories like this one (BBC) only make me feel worse about it. Still, it’s probably not going to stop being popular for a very long time. Therefore, we’d best come up with better … Continued

More on Permeable Parking Surfaces

Check out this article on UW-Milwaukee’s campus and Whitney Gould’s suggestion to do away with surface parking in favor of an “emerald necklace” around the campus. It’s inspired. It’s also extremely practical. Imagine what a typical suburban office/retail area might look like with this kind of thoughtfulness. Imagine a neighborhood. Granted, it’s not cheap to … Continued

Carnival of the Green #36 is up!

The 36th Weekly Carnival of the Green is up at “Powering Down“. Go on over and get your Monday started right!

The Too-Thirsty Lawn: What Can be Done?

An article in today’s SFGate talks about the 11 Million more people coming to California in coming years and the inevitable strain this will put on water use. One of the main culprits will be the “traditional” green lawn which is especially popular in the hotter, drier, central valley – which has a little more … Continued

Could Hitachi Go Emissions Neutral by 2015?

Hitachi has a bold goal to be “emissions neutral” by 2015. The so-called “Environmental Vision 2015” plan aims to reduce CO2 emissions from both production and product use to a level that can be easily offset. The plan also calls for a higher level of recycling in general, and a corporate community “in harmony” with … Continued