Ford’s “Bold Move” – The First Cluetrain Ad?

fordlogo.jpeYou may have seen advertisements on this and other sites touting Ford’s “Bold Move”, a marketing foray aimed at dramatically illustrating Ford’s attempts to publicly admit their faults and ask for public guidance to move the company in a greener, more successful direction. The ad itself derides Ford as having the “worst fuel efficiency records of any car company” and links to a smartly designed page with videos showing Ford’s management in frank discussion about the company’s weaknesses and the challenges in faces, not only environmentally, but also in terms of management, labor and more.
BlogAds founder Henry Copeland refers to this ad as being the first “Cluetrain Ad” – the first, and hopefully not the last example of a company ditching canned corporate-speak and attempting to open themselves up to a “real conversation”. Jalopnik rightly points out that buying up the blogosphere is a strange way to go about this, but it certainly has garnered the campaign a lot of attention and started innumerable conversations here and elsewhere.
Although it’s obviously an expensive PR campaign, it’s a pretty interesting site that seems to have been created with new ideas in mind, even if they do go a little over the top dramatizing it. If the “conversation” that’s occuring on the Ford site itself is still a little bit forced, perhaps by creating it, the less-canned conversations on this site and elsewhere will indeed spawn ideas that Ford may monitor and take to heart.

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  1. Sweet initial message, but I have to say that Ford’s campaign cares anything about being a more consciencious company. And I say this as one of Ford’s advertisees. Nick — I’d be interested in reading your more specific thoughts after looking at the content of Ford’s efforts here —

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