Say what you mean and mean what you say: Socially Responsible Investment in Europe

As Europeans headed for their long-awaited summer holidays, bankers had good reason to celebrate. The annual return across the board has been exceptionally favorable. For green and ethical fund managers it has been a bumper year. As of June 2005, there were 375 “socially responsible” funds available to investors in Europe, 6 % more than … Continued

United Airlines Promoting Green Cities

Say what you will about the problems of aircraft emissions, but I was very pleased to find an excellent article on urban forestry in this month’s Hemispheres Magazine on United Airlines. The article, entitled “Save the Shade” is one of the best “entry level” articles I’ve ever read on the subject of urban trees – … Continued

Fair Trade Sports Aims to Even the Score

Fair trade coffee is now a household word, but why not fair trade soccer balls? Although sports gear manufacturing may not impact as many people as the coffee industry, it’s a highly visible part of culture the world over with kids of all economic backgrounds involved in sports in one way or another. Making a … Continued

Omaha Beach Revisited: “Attitudes need to change”

According to Costa Christ, director the Bar Harbor, Maine Chamber of Commerce and expert in international travel, tourism currently represents 83% of worldwide export trade. To put this figure in a meaningful context, he adds that tourism is the largest non-military service sector in the world. Travel and tourism spending exceeded $6 trillion globally in … Continued

When Whole Foods Comes to Town, The Little Guys Do Fine

Some people are hard to satisfy – in one breath praising Whole Foods for their ability to mainstream organics and healthier food, in the other complaining about high prices and Whole Food’s effect on smaller local competition as if they were the next WalMart. Fair enough, if I were a small organic retailer in some … Continued

AskPablo: Bottles and Cans (just clap your hands)

Hello friends! This week we are talking about a subject that is very dear to my heart, beer (Hooray Beer!). This weekend I spoke to the students at Hunter Lovins’ “Principles of Sustainable Management” class at the Presidio School of Management about measuring sustainability as well as the Wuppertal Institute‘s “MIPS” Material Intensity Analysis method. … Continued

From Parks and Rec in Europe to the Pittsburgh Pirates – Transforming supply chains through Ethical Procurement

In Europe, pressure to have verifiable quality ratings recognized throughout the European Union has corporations working hard to obtain the ISOs necessary to sell their goods throughout the E.U. and keep pace with the competition, but with increasing numbers of suppliers located in developing, non-unionized countries, certifying sources and achieving anything close to socially responsible … Continued

Plan Resonate’s Observations on the IBM Innovation Jam

IBM is currently running something they call the “Innovation Jam” an online event that purports to be a sort of “giant brainstorm” for IBM and various invited participants. Among the issues discussed are energy and social & environmental sustainability, and how IBM can get involved and thrive. The cynics on Digg have basically dismissed it … Continued

On Both Sides of the Atlantic Fashion Faces the Future

Three cheers for Concha Guerra, Vice-Consul for Economics and Technology Innovation for the Community of Madrid and Leonor Perez Pita, director of Madrid’s “Pasarela Cibeles”, Spain’s top fashion show. Reacting to protests against the gaunt image projected at last year’s Cibeles, they announced this week that new health guidelines would be enforced for screening models … Continued

TreeHugger’s Cradle to Cradle Umbrella Finalists Announced

Since the umbrella most of us know is a cheap disposable poster child for poor design and wasteful manufacturing, I.D. Magazine, The Sustainable Style Foundation, and TreeHugger asked for a smarter version. Our rockin’ Umbrella Inside Out judges (including Cradle to Cradle co-author Bill McDonough!) spent the last week evaluating over 100 incredible entries from … Continued

AskPablo: The Myth of the Beef-Powered Bicyclist

It is once again time to explore the wonderful world of sustainability metrics. This week I am going to tackle the myth of the meat-powered cyclist. Here’s the story: A friend of mine once told me that it is more efficient to drive a car over a certain distance than to ride a bike over … Continued

Carnival of the Green Reminder

Is it Monday already? Don’t forget to pop over to a blog called “Karavans” for this week’s carnival of the green. Karavans is devoted to “Getting off-the-grid and out of the rat race” which is a perfect, if slightly dangerous message for a Monday morning. Have fun!

Corporate Bicycling, The New Golf?

Golf has, for many years, been the de-facto sport of choice among corporate executives around the world. In many circles it’s almost criminal not to love golf and play it every weekend – the golf course has become the informal boardroom where deals and relasionships are really made. And why not? It’s a fun enough … Continued

The Silver Lining in China’s Acid Rain Problem

China’s massive-scale coal burning is producing acid rain at an alarming rate. With China’s new-found awareness of the economicaly negative exernalities associated with phenomena such as acid rain, the government has calculated that acid rain could be accounting for as much as $60 billion dollars in economic losses to the Chinese economy. The good news … Continued