ecoAmerica Study on Environmental Attitudes

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to attend a briefing by ecoAmerica in San Francisco on the demographics of environmental interest in the United States. It was an eye opening event that started with a psychological study known as VALS. Take a few minutes to take the test here and see how you score. … Continued

Spooky Carnival of the Green #51

Happy Halloween! It’s an orange and black carnival of the green this week brought to you by Groovy Green.

AskPablo: OTEC and Engine Efficiency

This week I am looking into the theoretical maximum efficiency of a heat engine. Then I will focus on a technology that harnesses ocean water to generate electricity. The ideal engine runs on the Carnot cycle. According to our friends at Wikipedia “it is the most efficient cycle possible for converting a given amount of … Continued

Climate Change – The Economic Story

The economic costs of doing nothing about climate change are expected to be deep, long term recession – according to UK report due out soon. According to The Guardian the Treasury-commisioned report fears economic collapse on a level similar to that of the great depression. While it’s a report that will most certainly be worth … Continued

Another Good Article on Good and Bad of Carbon Trading Solutions to Deforestation

No one disputes that deforestation, particularily in tropical locations such as Brazil, is a major problem for the health of the planet and of humanity. However, one also cannot blame tropical countries for engaging in deforestation when they are in desparate need of economic growth for an impoverished populace. A carbon trading solution suggests that … Continued

How Recycled is Recycline?

The Recycline Razor looks by all accounts to be a very good idea and it probably is. It’s made of 65% Stonyfield Yogurt containers and the rest is “100% Recycled“. It’s also fully recycleable provided one’s community offers #5 plastics recycling, as are the company’s other products such as toothbrushes. However, this got me thinking … Continued

Deers Company Offers Solar Without the Startup Costs

Despite government incentives and a known payback period, many companies still find the startup costs associated with going solar to be prohibitive. A group called “Developing Energy Efficient Roof Systems” has emerged to challenge that concept. Starting with a major General Motors facility in southern California, they have assumed all the financing, risks, and installation … Continued

Skilling Sentanced to 24 Years in the Slammer

There were people fearing that Jeffrey Skilling was going to get off easy, but the ex-Enron CEO was sentanced today to 24 years in prison. Ouch. You’d almost feel bad for the guy until you see the (literally) thousands of people he hurt or crushed financially, not to mention the immense cost to business in … Continued

Carnival of the Green #50

Monday, monday monday… carnival of the green time! Pop over to “how to save the world” for this week’s reading.

Nine Dragons Paper – A Fortune From Recycling

Not only is China’s richest person a woman, but she made her fortune by recycling paper. The Financial Times has an inspiring profile of Zhang Yin who’s company, Nine Dragons Paper, thrives by collecing scrap paper in the United States, recycling it, and selling it in China. Talk about trash to cash – her empire … Continued

AskPablo: The Tailpipe Mystery

This week on AskPablo I address the question: “Why does burning one kg of gasoline in my car’s engine result in more than 1 kg of tailpipe emissions?” Well, you could dust off your college chemistry textbook and figure it out yourself, or you could leave the headache to me.

Friday in the FT – the Energy Report

If you only read the Financial Times once in a blue moon, tommorow might be a good day to pick it up. There’s a special “Energy Report” coming out which lays out the ‘pros and cons’ of alternative energy. Knowing the FT’s influence, this is going to be an interesting issue – one we may … Continued

Gregor Barnum – Director of Corporate Consciousness – Interview on TH

Yes, Seventh Generation has a director of corporate consciousness, and his name is Gregor Barnum – one of the most interesting and articulate business leaders I’ve ever met. Jacob at TreeHugger has conducted an outstanding interview with Gregor which I highly suggest you drop over and check out. Link Here. Seventh Generation is in the … Continued

Sustainlane’s Government Resources Taking Shape

Sustain Lane, the emerging portal on sustainability recently let me know about an exciting new project –, a growing database of best practices for local goverments interested in sustainable development. Having made a name for themselves with interesting “top ten” lists like the “top ten most sustainable cities”, Sustainlane seems to be begining to … Continued