Nobel Prize Winner Links Peace and Prosperity

grameen.jpgA couple years ago the Nobel Peace prize was awarded to Wangari Muta Maathai. It was the first time the prize had been awarded to someone whose primary work was in the field of environmental studies and sustainable development and it symbolizes the relationship between a healthy ecology and thriving peace and democracy.
This year, the prize is equally significant: Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus has been awarded the prize for 2006. The Grameen Bank popularized the concept of micro-lending – giving out many small, high risk loans to people of very limited means in Bangledesh which has been profoundly instrumental in bringing thousands of people out of poverty. WIth the revolutionary work of the Grameen Bank (and other microlending instututions that have followed it) countries like Bangladesh, India, and Egypt have a a much more thriving middle class, and entrupreneurial sector which is the key to stable democracy, society and indeed a healthy environment.

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  1. Thanks for posting this excellent news of Muhammad Yunus’ honor. At Grameen Foundation, we’re excited to see this news help the word spread about microfinance, as we work to bring the Grameen Bank microfinance model to the poorest of the poor around the world (yes, in India, Egypt, and beyond.) For a good summary of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Muhammad Yunus has published the very useful Grameen Bank at a Glance.

  2. Mr. Yunus is an inspiration in directing his efforts to alter the harsh realities of those who most need it. He reminds us that in addressing the needs and concerns of the poorest in our society that we all benefit as a whole. This argument has always been made by progressive people but its great to point to his example as solid evidence, and it really reaffirms the value that humanity can be united through compassion and a willingess to help our neighbors to help ourselves. Him getting the Nobel is recognition well overdue.

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