RAN vs. Car Culture Equals a Communication Breakdown

Effective communication is not always easy. However, in order to accomplish anything when controversy or new ideas are on the table you’ll get nowhere if you can’t make yourself understood without souring the air. Speaking of the art of communications, I’m walking gingerly to articulate this post. Yesterday morning Rick Wagoner, General Motors CEO, gave … Continued

Will the LA Auto Show Bring Big News?

I’ve been lucky enough to attend the LA auto show this week along with TreeHugger team members Hank and Jeff. Joel Makower is also here and rumors are afoot that big green news awaits us all at this biggest of all auto shows. Announcements about electric, hybrid, fuel cell and more are expected from multiple … Continued

Johnson Controls Sustainability Training Goes Online

Of all the companies that should be leaders in green building and retrofitting, Johnson Controls should be at the top of the list. They’re starting to get there, in fact there is now a “path to sustainability” on the front page of their website. Even better, the company now offers a web based “Sustainable Energy … Continued

Carnival of the Green Moves to Great Green Goods

Hope you all had a few nice days off, assuming you’re in the US. Otherwise at the very least a restful weekend! To get your week rolling right, it’s time for the weekly Carnival of the Green! This time brought to you by Great Green Goods.

AskPablo: Pine or Plastic? The X-mas tree dilemma

Turkey day has come and gone, the Black Friday riots at the mall are over and X-mas 2006 is officially upon us. But this year we are faced with quite an ethical dilemma: Do we go to the forest and harvest our own Christmas tree or do we get a fake one?

How An Airport “Cell Phone Lane” is a Green Choice

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. At Detroit Airport, and apparantly in San Jose as well, there is now a special lane for cars waiting to pick people up known as the “Cell Phone Lane”. The idea is that instead of circling endlessly in bumper to bumper traffic, you pull in to this special … Continued

All About the Carbon Disclosure Project

Here’s a little tid bit you ought to be aware of – the Carbon Disclosure Project is a massive repository of informaion on greenhouse gas emissions voluntarily disclosed by over 2000 major companies. It’s 4th edition launched in September and offers detailed survey responses from each company involved. But what makes a company, especially in … Continued

Carbonfund Launches CarbonFree Shipping

With everything you can “neutralize” in terms of carbon emissions, it was only a matter of time before someone figures out a way to deal with the carbon emissions associated with shipping goods to and fro. Carbon Fund teamed up with students at Carnegie Mellon to put together a sytem that lets catalog merchants and … Continued

AskPablo: Water Heater vs. Stove

This week Steve asks: “Which is better, running the tap water for a minute to get hot water or heating cold water on a gas stove?” In order to answer this question I need to state a few assumptions. Let’s say that tap water is 15C (59F) and our water heater is set to 40C … Continued

Who Will Be the Green Bill Gates?

Here’s a sweet article from the FT to get your Monday rolling (link here). The gist is this – addressing global warming and the host of other environmental problems we face represents, quite possibly, the biggest business opportunity in history. Consider the rate at which green technology and other ecological solutions are being adressed in … Continued

PG&E Does “Grass Couch” Promo in San Francisco

To promot their citywide “Greening” campaign, letsgreenthiscity.com, PG&E will be placing “grass couches” around San Francisco today, Friday the 17th of November. It should be a very fun way to promote a greener city. If you’re in town, here are the locations of the couches – The Ferry Building and Justin Herman Plaza. Additionally, couches … Continued

TreeHugger/7th Generation Video Contest Launches Tuesday!

At long last, TreeHugger‘s collaborative project with Seventh Generation is launching! It’s a video contest called “Convenient Truths“. We’re asking readers to submit short videos featuring proactive, practical and positive solutions to the environmental problems we face. We’ve got a fabulous celebrity panel to pick the winners in a few months and a bunch of … Continued

New Resource Bank Launches

As reported on Worldchanging, San Francisco’s New Resources Bank opened up yesterday with a wide variety of financial offerings focused primarily toward individuals and enterprises with a green or social mission in their business operations. Joel Makower reports that this is a logical step for banks, traditionally the most conservative of financial institutions, to finally … Continued

Guardian Article on Adaptation of Multinationals

Globalization: The root of all evil, or bringer of eternal peace and prosperity? It’s obviously neither, and a little bit of both. But whatever your opinion, many aspects of globalization are here to stay and it’s time to figure out how to do things right and get the useful parts of globalization rolling while avoiding … Continued

AskPablo: Wind Farming

Last year I was asked to help get water to a village. The only problem was that this village was thousands of miles away in the Panjshir Region of Afghanistan and I had no travel budget… To make matters worse I couldn’t just call up my Rain-For-Rent franchise for a mobile pump-truck. I had to … Continued