Warren Karlenzig’s Top 10 Sustainability Stories

I love top ten lists. Have a quick look at Warren Karlenzig’s top ten sustainability stories of 2006. It’s seen through the lens of what applies to local government and is the sort of thing that most people might overlook – despite the importance of their local governments. It’s a good quick read for your … Continued

TreeHugger 2.0 Launches

In case you haven’t checked it out already, be sure to drop by TreeHugger and see the new design. If you know me personally, this is why I haven’t been seen by light of day in weeks. But it’s 95% done (ok, it’s a permanenet work in progress), but I have to say it looks … Continued

More on the Genius of RecycleBank

We introduced you to RecycleBank back in February, but there’s new coverage in a recent Forbes article that’s worth checking out. To sum up – RecycleBank is sheer genius in terms of capturing the idea of the win-win-win situation. People get paid to recycle and are given rewards, not in cash, but it gift cards … Continued

Run for the Hills, The Hedgies are coming!

According to the latest issue of ClearProfit, a clean energy Hedge fund has been launched: The ALMA Clean Energy Hedge Fund, managed by Bozkurt Aydinoglu. If anyone doesn’t know what a hedge fund is, don’t worry, plenty of hedge fund managers probably don’t either these days. It’s sort of a generic and often inappropriate term … Continued

I am not a venture capitalist.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers are, however, have you heard of them? They’re a Silicon Valley venture capital firm who helped to bring us the likes of Google, Amazon and Netscape. Guess what they are into now? Clean Tech. They have put 200 million or more into the likes of solar, biofuels, biomass gasification, and … Continued

Hydrogen Power hits the Highway

BMW has just released its new 7-series Hydrogen Powered Vehicle. This is landmark event by any accounts. They plan to build one hundred of them over the next year, and up to several thousand per year eventually. Unfortunately, like its non-tailpipe emitting brethren in green, the electric cars, The New 7 series is limited in … Continued

OnEarth Mag Offers Practical Guide to Green Investing

NRDC’s OnEarth Magazing offers some practical insight into the idea of “Green Investing” outlining the basics and giving a good overview of some of the big players. The article is worth passing around. One thing they leave out, however, is the importance of instututional investors such as pension funds and endowments in SRI – individuals … Continued

Lance Armstrong Rides to Victory in Business Too

Getting endorsements by major companies is not as easy as one might think (though considerable easier thatn winning the Tour de France). What’s harder is managing ones relationships with these companies while managing to take an effective stance on corporate social responsibility. Lance Armstrong appears to be doing both. Forbes has the details on how … Continued

AskPablo: Showertime

If weren’t a necessary part of good hygiene and if it didn’t feel so good on a cold, groggy morning, the concept of a shower would seem a bit absurd. We take cold water and heat it to around 100°F, then store it in a large tank until we need it. Then it travels through … Continued

McGinnis Venture Competition Launches

Attention MBA Students, here’s a great competition to think about over the winter break: Carnegie Mellon’s McGinnis Venture Competion has added a “Sustainable Technology” track to their annual business plan competition. Particularily outstanding contenders will recieve travel grants to the awards ceremony in Pittsburgh. More details on this Sustainable Future PDF.

Trashy Travel

When I travel, I reluctantly throw away my recyclables as it is too much hassle to seek out a recycling bin. I guess I’m not alone: According to the WSJ “Airlines Feel Pressure as Pollution Fight Takes Off“, the airline industry throws away enough aluminum cans each year to build 58 Boeing 747s. To put … Continued

Greenworks Eco-industrial Park in Chicago Epitomizes Economic Synergy

The former city auto pound along with a 17 acre illegal dumpsite are the unlikely site of an emerging eco-industrial park in Chicago on the 400 north block of Sacramento. This forward thinking is putting Chicago on the map as a green city and breathing life into this disadvantaged area on the west-side of Chicago. … Continued

Malaysian Forests Sacrificed for Biodiesel

Here’s one I never quite saw coming when I was firing a pottery kiln with veggie oil in 1999. According to the WSJ, 12/5/06, “As Alternative Fuels Heat Up, Environmental Concerns Grow.” Malaysians are getting sick from a nationwide haze of blue smoke caused by rushed and rampant burning of forests in order to plant … Continued

AskPablo: Active Solar

This week I am going to run the numbers on a hypothetical active solar heating system. Active solar differs from passive solar in that it requires mechanical means for moving the heat energy (pumps, fans, etc.). Passive solar can be as simple as opening your curtains to let some sunlight in.

Not your Momma’s Biodiesel

Now this is the essence of waste into food, or food into fuel, or something: According to Shortnews.com, a Norwegian businessman who now lives in Miami, named Lauri Venoy, is negotiating with Jackson Memorial Hospital to obtain more than 11.5 litres of human fat obtained from liposuction operations every week. Normally burned, Lauri can turn … Continued