I am not a venture capitalist.

vctree.jpgKleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers are, however, have you heard of them? They’re a Silicon Valley venture capital firm who helped to bring us the likes of Google, Amazon and Netscape. Guess what they are into now? Clean Tech. They have put 200 million or more into the likes of solar, biofuels, biomass gasification, and energy storage. This is great for the industry, and great for the future of greener, cleaner life on earth. Venture Capital can work wonders for start-ups because VCs aren’t afraid to have their money disappear completely nine times out of ten. Why? Because they make an astounding financial return on the tenth company, take it public, sell a bunch of it to schmucks in the IPO market, buy a newer 200 foot yacht, and sail it around while looking for ten more candidates to start the cycle over again, all the while donating bundles to charity.

Turns out that Green tech/Clean tech is one of the hottest sectors in Venture Capital right now, great news for entrepreneurs and for greenies who just can’t wait for the change. It’s happening man, it’s happening right now!
And, if Oil stays expensive, (that’s a big if) I would hazard a guess that the trend will continue for the foreseeable future.
I lost about a tenth of my meager annual salary in a solar power company called Astropower back in 1998 or so. That was the end of my brief career in wink and prayer investing, and fortunately I learned that I am not a venture capitalist in the process.
If I had my choice of who would lose money in the renewable energy bubble, I would chose the calculating VC folks over the well-intentioned renewable energy advocates who want to put their hard earned money into the right things. Unless, of course, the latter can afford to lose their money too.
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