TreeHugger on Oprah, with Bonus Appearance on Rush Limbaugh

rush_limbaugh.jpgPresidio Grad and TreeHugger TV leader Simran Sethi made it to the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday with a prerecorded segment on greening your Christmas tree. Watch the piece on YouTube here. It’s short, but fantastic. The show’s other star was Al Gore who used the opportunity to talk about climate change and “An Inconvenient Truth”.
In the shadows, however, was lurking the infamous Rush Limbaugh who had this to say about the episode: [transcript][audio file]

Awesome. I’ll leave it to Steven Colbert to disect the idiosyncracies of Rush’s mind, but I for one am as excited to hear TreeHugger mentioned on Rush Limbaugh as I was to see us on Oprah – plus Rush plugged the site three times. Here’s why I’m happy:
Al Gore is an easy target: he’s rich, flys a lot, has several big homes, and he’s also a politician. Indeed, he may not be the ideal messenger for promoting a low impact life. Granted, I think he does enough good to more than make up for some indulgences, but when a loudmouth critic goes to work on him, radio listeners with short attention spans can be easily distracted.
Not so with TreeHugger’s mention on the show. Simran’s smooth and professional voice could never be interpreted as preachy, hypocritical, anti-american, or any other bizarre criticism (regardless of whether Gore deserves such treatment). Even Rush Limbaugh (between guffaws) never levied an ounce of criticism against TreeHugger, he only used TreeHugger to attack Al Gore. Maybe this is going to my head, but I think this is a communication breakthrough waiting to happen. I, for one, would love to talk to Rush about environmental matters and I’d challenge him to do so. Or at least to read TreeHugger (which I doubt he did) and get a little dose of the new green…

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  1. look atmospheric science is not simple – especially from the data analysis angle. using the “chickenhawk” reducto, I challenge Algore’s analysis based on the fact he has no degree in meteorology or worked for the national weather service. but putting that asid, the out and out howler was when algore admitted that one xmas he and the tipster tried to plant the cut tree (in an effort to be green) in the back yard. even if true – don’t admit it. i am stunned that this is the bright light of the green movement.

  2. Nick,
    Your commentary was right on the money. At NO POINT does Rush say he’s for bad air, for bad water, nor does he slam true enviromentalism. I’d love to see a discussion between you and Rush Limbaugh! You seem to approach all this with a ME vs. THEM mentality– Rush does not. Neither do I. I’ve been an avid Rush fan for 18 years. I’m one of the “mind numbed robots” Gore and Clinton and others call us when they run out of valid arguments.
    Frankly, sir, I applaud your work. I’m a true Republican, a real conservative. That doesn’t make me the enemy. Even you had slapping praise for Rush when he didn’t have anything bad to say about the Treehugger.
    Don’t you get it? Until the Treehugger comes out and says global warming is because of George W. Bush, or Republicans, or Conservatism, or some other bizarre, half baked idea (as Gore has said), he’s not a target.
    I’m called Hitler and Nazi and Fascist and killer– I promote bad air, bad water, pollution, big oil, big tobacco, for the killing of homeless, slaughter of whales– and whatever else people say when they can’t come up with a real thought. To them, I am the enemy, to be dismissed as quickly as possible.
    You have real thoughts. I like them. Rush likes them, too. We all like them. But in this global arena, I don’t think global warming is caused by my car. I don’t even think global warming is caused by man. I’m old enough to remember that Gore was once behind GLOBAL COOLING back in the 70’s/early 80’s. No one talks about that. Or maybe he just “got his head right.”
    But that’s a different topic! I’d love to hear a debate between you guys! It would be great radio– great entertainment– and don’t worry, we agree with you on more than you care to admit. It’s just that for some, we’re easy targets. No one listens to the substance of what we say. They just disagree with us because we disagree with them.
    Oh, well, enough heaviness for one day. Good luck, and I hope you two can hook up!

  3. Al did not say he tried to plant a cut tree in the back yard.
    He did say that he had tried to bring a live tree in to his home and then tried to re-plant it. not impossible but difficult to pull off with a super sized tree.
    whether or not Al is a bright light, or endless pollution is totally and completely benign to future life on earth as some would suggest, I think of addressing climate change as an insurance policy. We might not need one, but boy are the grand kids going to be burned if we did need it.

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