Ben Goldhirsch Interview by LX.TV

Here’s a great interview with Ben Goldhirsch, the entrepreneur behind Good magazine. It’s nice to inherit 100 million, but even nicer to figure out something meaningful to do with it. Whether or not Good becomes a successful business remains to be seen, but he’s off to a great start.

Realigning Incentives in India

This is somewhat tangentially related to business but it demonstrates the kind of thinking that needs to be done in order to address the environmental and social problems both business and society face. Recognize a poaching problem in India. Then, instead of rounding up poachers at great expense and at great cost to an impoverished … Continued

Reflections from the DC War Protest

The United States capital was surrounded by about 100,000 anti-war protesters on January 27, 2007. The event was sponsored by United for Peace, which was very effective in bringing together religious groups, labor unions, political parties, celebrities, parents of soldiers, schools, veteran organizations, environmental groups, and a variety of special interests groups to create a … Continued

AskPablo: Computer Standby

A few weeks ago I received the following question from A. Stevenson: “Any idea what a desktop computer uses when not turned on, or when it’s in ‘sleep’ mode?” This was in response to my Phantom Power article from January 1, 2007. Since I use a notebook computer I had to ask my dad to … Continued

Mainstream Green – More, More and More!

I’ve been absolutely amazed at the amount of coverage “Green” is getting in business publications lately. The Wall Street Journal is chock full of articles on carbon emissions issues and this week Business 2.0 devoted basically the entire issue to the entrepreneurial potential of clean technology and other environmental strategies. Read the whole thing here … Continued

WSJ: Industry Cedes Ground? Really?

I enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal on a daily basis, but sometimes it really seems like a stodgy old rag – today’s front page headline was a response to yesterday’s press conference by 10 leading companies urging a more proactive stance on climate change on behalf of both government and industry. The Wall Street … Continued

Is ExxonMobile Starting to Think?

I knew they’d be the last oil company to say anything remotely green and I have to admit a huge dose of skepticism that they really mean it just yet – but – on the front page of toady’s Wall Street Journal (I tried to scan it but technical difficulties) is a full color advert … Continued

AskPablo: The Dishwasher

People in tie-dye everywhere will tell you that technology is the devil, but most of today’s “Cultural Creatives” will tell you that using a dishwasher is far more efficient than washing your dishes by hand. So which is it? Well, this week we will find out once and for all. I am joined by my … Continued

Another “Greener” Wal Mart – Kansas City

Reporting on the various “green” initiatives coming out of bentonville is getting to be a bit of a cliche, not to mention straying dangerously toward greenwashing, but I have to commend this particular piece of news coming out of Kansas City. A new “supercenter” will be built there paying particular mind to energy efficiency in … Continued

Could a Private Jet Be a Green Choice?

One has to admit that fantasizing about private jet travel has its appeal, although perhaps that’s partly beacuse it’s so unrealistic for 99% of us. It’s also mostly an unneeded perk enjoyed by the super wealthy for largely frivelous reasons. But that doesn’t mean it’s going away. So what can be done to make private … Continued

AskPablo: Brrr, it’s cold outside…

This week’s AskPablo is inspired by the cold weather that we are experiencing here in California right now. Backyard pools have frozen over, the orange crop is seriously threatened, and the homeless population is at risk of hypothermia. All of this is occurring just over one week after I returned from Boston, where it was … Continued

Presidio School of Management Open House Next Thursday

Special announcement from Presidio: Please join us for a Sustainable MBA Open House on Thursday, January 18. Reception starts at 6pm, program at 6:30pm. Hear an inspiring faculty panel presentation, including Dr. Ron Nahser, Presidio Provost; and Hunter Lovins, Presidio MBA faculty member. Learn about the Presidio MBA in Sustainable Management program integrating environmental and … Continued

New Congress Holds Big Changes for Attitudes on Global Warming

Take this with whatever political grain of salt you want to come up with, but suffice it to say that the incoming Democratic congress is likely to produce significant changes in the US Government’s attitude towards handling climate change. The following data are from an environmental defense poll of Democratic caucus voters and chairs in … Continued

AskPablo: Phantom Power

Happy New Year! I hope you are all ready to make some New Year’s Resolutions for sustainability. Will it be resolving to ride your bike to the store more often? Will it be to eat locally-grown food more often? Will it be to offset your vehicle’s carbon emissions? Well, how about adding one more to … Continued