Blue and Yellow Make Green: GE and Union Pacific Team-Up for a Win, Win, Win

Freight trains are already three times more fuel efficient than over-the-road trucks, and 400 miles or less seems to be the only place where trucks beat trains in overall efficiency. Yet the times necessitate innovation and invention from all. Union Pacific, GE and Mother Nature teamed up in Oakland on Friday morning for an outstanding … Continued

AskPablo: Is Netflix saving the world?

Could it be true? Is Netflix helping to solve the global climate catastrophe? This weekend Netflix reached an impressive milestone; one billion DVDs sent. Could the resulting reduction in personal vehicle trips to the video rental store make a difference in the battle against climate change? Well, read on… A DVD weighs about 16g with … Continued

Nice Trim

“Nice trim,” I was told. “Is that coyote fur?” It took me awhile for his words to sink in. I don’t wear fur. How in the world did I end up buying a coat with a coyote-trimmed fur hood? I didn’t know U.S. clothing retailers are not required to label fur if the fur is … Continued

Green Mountain Coffee wins Best Corporate Citizen for 2007

Everyone loves top 100 lists, and the “100 Best Corporate Citizens” according to Corporate Responsibility Officer magazine has just been released with Vermont’s Green Mountain Coffee topping the list for the second straight year. GreenBiz has details about how the ranking was pulled together. If you want to go straight to the list, click here … Continued

AskPablo: Electric Hand Dryer or Paper Towel?

So you’re standing in a public bathroom, having just washed your hands. You look to the paper towels, you look to the electric hand dryer on the wall, which one do you choose?

“EcoHangars” Improve EcoEffectiveness of DryCleaning

In all honesty, the idea of yet another ad in my face makes me cringe a little bit, but I have to hand it to the makers of the EcoHanger, that they’re onto a pretty neat idea – provide dry cleaners with free hangers to replace the rather wasteful metal hangers they always send you … Continued

Editorial: Steven Puma on a New Business Paradigm

In the book ” Collapse“, Jared Diamond outlines 12 major problems which threaten human civilization: destruction of natural habitats, depletion of wild foods (fish, etc), loss of genetic diversity, soil erosion, fossil fuel depletion, shortage of fresh water, the photosynthetic ceiling (100% use of the sun’s energy for human purposes), pollution from toxic chemicals, species … Continued

Getting Kids to Help – Another Brick in the Wall?

This post deviates a little from the usual business side of things, but I thought it would be a fairly rocking way to start the week. Take a Pink Floyd classic and tie it in with master DJ Eric Prydz and you get a rocking rendition inspiring kids to get involved with resource conservation and … Continued

Smithfield Foods Phasing Out Gestation Crates

My colleague emailed me last week, “I never thought I’d see this, not in my lifetime.” On January 25, 2007, Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the U.S., announced it will be phasing out hog gestation crates over the next decade. Several days later, Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s largest pork producer followed suit. Before … Continued

AskPablo: Home Energy Saving Tips

Last week I was invited to the home of Stacey Delo of DowJones Online to film a segment on home energy saving tips to be aired this week on MarketWatch. We looked at a whole bunch of energy saving measures, and this week I will show you how I got some of the numbers behind … Continued

Pablo Paster Makes Market Watch

Our very own pal, Pablo Paster, has a short segment on Dow Jones’ MarketWatch today on home energy efficiency. Watch it right here, and don’t forget to send your questions on sustainability to Pablo at Pablo.paster – at –

Forbes On Greenwashing and Green Scamming

In my opinion, 2007 is going to be a landmark year for environmental awareness. But some of that awareness will, unfortunately, come in the form of cynicism over green washing and even scamming. Aside from large corporate PR stunts that may be all smoke and mirrors, many small scale “entrepreneurs” are getting on the green … Continued

Guest Post: Recipe for Student Health and Success

One teacher’s quest for real answers to the problem of student underachievement. When I was a kid, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge meant paying a toll each way. For decades traffic slowed (or stopped) morning and night, every workday. Then, because 30 years is enough time to think things through, a light bulb went on … Continued

What’s the True Environmental Cost of Fiji Water?

ED Note: This is the original “Ask Pablo” column which set off enormous hullabaloo about the “cost” of bottled water. This post was picked up by media organizations far and wide and even by the Fiji water company themselves, who have since taken some interesting steps. Please read it with that historical context in mind! … Continued