Saving Green by Going Green Accelerator – Tuesday in San Francisco

If you’re a small business owner in the SF Bay Area who is looking for help “going green”, the Inspiring Green Leadership group has an event on Tuesday April 3rd that can help you out, for free. Details follow: Be Coached by a Volunteer EnviroMentor who Wants You to be a Green Business If your … Continued

It’s About Time… Wedding Planning Goes Green

With all the dizzying array of decisions couples must make in regards to planning their wedding, I’m heartened by the fact there are more sustainable choices and resources available. This is particularly on my radar right now because I’m getting married in June. I’m also finding that more and more couples are becoming conscious of … Continued

AskPablo: Lightbulb Philanthropy

Are you concerned about your contribution to the climate change crisis? Are you still unsure about carbon offset programs? Well, you are not alone. While I am a strong believer in the value and importance of offset providers such as DriveNeutral and Native Energy I also realize that there are some organizations out there, whose … Continued

AskPablo: Climate Change Q&A with Hoff Stauffer

This week we are honored to have climate change expert Hoff Stauffer answering reader submitted climate change questions. Thank you to all of you who submitted questions during the last week.

Carnival of the Green on TV!

Lesley Nagy of BayArea TV 20’s “Your Green Report” interviewed me and Arcadia Maximo about the Carnival of the Green last week! I thought it was pretty fun. Be sure to check out this week’s carnival on Arcadia’s Site The Goode Life. If you have a blog and are interested in hosting the carnival or … Continued

Interview: “Green to Gold” Author Dan Esty

Natural Capitalism co-author Hunter Lovins lists Green to Gold as a must read. Not only did I read and enjoy it, but through Triple Pundit I was given the opportunity to interview Dan Esty, one of the passionate authors of Green to Gold – How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and … Continued

AskPablo: Cold Storage

According to Supercomputing Online ” in 2005, total data center electricity consumption in the U.S., including servers, cooling and auxiliary equipment, was approximately 45 billion kWh, resulting in total utility bills amounting to $2.7 billion.” The average emissions per MWh in the US are 0.61 metric tons (mT), so US data center electricity use amounts … Continued

AskPablo Special Feature: AskHoff!

Next week Hoff Stauffer will be answering questions about global climate change and what we, as a global community, can do about it. Please submit your burning questions to pablo.paster(at) or in the AskPablo comment section. Hoff, who has done research and consulting on energy and environmental issues for many years and was the first … Continued

Book Review: The Sustainability Revolution

In The Sustainability Revolution, Edwards has given us a neat presentation of both the evolution and main principles of the sustainability movement up to the time of printing (2005). This is an important book because — without actually defining what sustainability is— Edwards gives us a pretty clear idea of what’s involved in “being sustainable”. … Continued

Book Review: Natural Capitalism

Natural Capitalism was published at a poignant moment in human history. As we edged toward the new millennium, it appeared that the unintended consequences of industrialization were finally getting the spot light: the U.S., along with several other countries, was on the verge of joining the Kyoto Protocol; electric and hybrid cars had hit the … Continued

Oops…that’s a Plastic Bag, not a Jellyfish

BYOB’s not what it used to be; at least not at IKEA. Their new mantra is “Bring Your Own Bag” and it is music to my ears. For years I’ve endured the look of surprise or scorn when I’ve answered the inevitable “paper or plastic?” with a third unspoken option “I brought my own.” I … Continued

Green Index Launches on TreeHugger

What you see above is a collaborative project between TreeHugger and Daylife. It’s an index of the frequency with which certain key terms appear in the press and online media. It’s not exactly scientific, but it gives a fun look at the zeitgeist of green.

Book Review: The Next Sustainability Wave

In The Next Sustainability Wave, Bob Willard gives us an overview of the drivers for sustainability in the corporate world. This is Willard’s second book on outlining how to build the case for sustainability in business ( The Sustainability Advantage, his first, was published in 2002). The book is written for corporate business leaders, and … Continued

AskPablo: Glass vs. PET Bottles

Chris McLaren, owner of Lush Beverages of Ottawa, Canada, sent this week’s question. He changed his packaging from glass to PET this year, partially for environmental reasons. But to date no one has been able to quantify those reasons for him. I will give it the old Boy Scout try to see if I can … Continued