AskPablo Special Feature: AskHoff!

Next week Hoff Stauffer will be answering questions about global climate change and what we, as a global community, can do about it. Please submit your burning questions to pablo.paster(at) or in the AskPablo comment section.
Hoff, who has done research and consulting on energy and environmental issues for many years and was the first Director of Economic Analysis at the US EPA, is focusing on Global Warming. Since the science is clear, he believes: “The debate in the United States on global climate change is shifting from whether to do something about the problem to what to do.” But he is concerned that inflexible conventional wisdom and misperceptions are inhibiting progress. “Given the irreconcilable problems with cap and trade, we need to transcend the conventional wisdom and shift the debate to a more viable strategy….[that] relies on performance standards for new sources of GHG emissions.” “The notion that ‘draconian measures’ would be required [to mitigate global warming] is an unfortunate misperception that has inhibited meaningful action.” See some of his recent articles in Foreign Policy in Focus: A New Standard, Climate Change: Is It Prudent to Wait?, and Climate Change Roundtable.

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  1. I hope this is the correct place to pose these questions, if not, color me blush!
    1. Would Mr. Stauffer care to comment on a geological opinion that global warming is due to the Earth’s periodic wobbling on its axis rather than carbon emissions? This is an opinion which I had heard for the first time a few weeks ago and wondered about any credence it might have.
    2. Would you be able to inform us of any National or Global (Perhaps the UN)efforts to create a definitive, uniform, transferable evaluation system, depicting both qualitative and quantitative status change in respect to sustainability. Wouldn’t it be prudent to try to create a universal, definitive domain?

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