Ask Pablo Gaining Notoriety

3p’s Pablo Paster’s Ask Pablo column continues to gain steam with a recent interview in the Sydney Morning Herald about his recent post on the environmental costs of Fiji Bottled water. Congrats Pablo!

AskPablo: Well to Wheel Efficiency Part III

In Part I we learned about the energy required to overcome rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag. In Part II we learned about the energy consumed in acceleration. Now it’s time to bring it all together. We know how much energy it takes to get a vehicle up to a certain speed and to keep it … Continued

Giving Away Free Bags Is Smart

I’ll have to talk to Pablo about the actual calculations behind this, but my hunch is that giving a way free high-quality reusable shopping bags makes smart business sense for a supermarket chain. The reasoning is that it’s a one time cost, which ought not to be all that high with the right economies of … Continued

Not Your Standard Airport Food

No more food on the plane…hmmm…Wolfgang Puck is right there; high quality food and now more veggie options, more organic ingredients, and a Humane Farm Animal Treatment program. I liked Puck’s already and these are even better reasons to eat there. With more than 80 Gourmet Express restaurants, Wolfgang Puck announced a systemic nine-point program … Continued

Efficient Developments at Coca-Cola – 23% less energy consumption at HQ

I get a lot of press releases these days and always read them with a critical eye. Take this one from the Coca Cola Corp. It’s packed with great stuff – a fairly substantial re-tooling of their giant headquarters in Atlanta which is said to reduce energy consumption by 23% and water consumption by 15%. … Continued

AskPablo: Well to Wheel Efficiency Part II

This week we are continuing last week’s discussion on vehicle efficiency, from well to wheel. In last week’s column I introduced calculations for determining the energy needed to overcome aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance at a constant freeway speed of 65 mph. Using these equations I was able to show that my car is about … Continued

Op Ed: Why The Christian Right Fights the Environmental Movement

In 2005, 1200 concerned scientists issued a statement that “Biodiversity is being irreversibly destroyed by human activities at an unprecedented rate”. It was estimated that as many as 50, 000 plant and animal species disappear each year. In April 2007, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned “there is observational evidence” regarding the impact of … Continued

Nitrogen Pollution: Collaborative Strategy Forum

Carbon Dioxide is having it’s heyday as the eco-villain du jour, but we mustn’t forget the litany of other serious pollutants out there. Nitrogen (via it’s massive use as fertilizer as well as in industry) is causing significant pollution in waterways and other areas. The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has set up a WiKi … Continued

Yahoo Goes Carbon Neutral

Despite recent controversy about whether or not carbon neutrality is all it’s cracked up to be, Yahoo is going carbon neutral and that’s a good thing. Yahoo will invest in a variety of projects in renewable energy and other “greenhouse gas reducing” activities. Obviously such things are only a first step toward real eco-effectiveness, but … Continued

Cages are Opening, Crates are Disappearing

Boy, things are really happening in animal agriculture. Cages are opening, crates are disappearing, and businesses are considering the welfare of chickens in their supply chain. If you don’t follow the details of animal-related business practices, I’ll fill you in; this is BIG news. With a major announcement in the New York Times and Associated … Continued

AskPablo: Well to Wheel Efficiency Part I

With gasoline prices as high as they are many people are concerned about vehicle efficiency. Other people who are concerned about their impact on the future of our climate care about vehicle efficiency as well. Where does the energy that we put into our cars actually go? And what is the overall efficiency of a … Continued

Monday Opinion: Critical Mass Incident a Setback to Cycling Progress

This is an editorial about communication. It’s tangential to business but could be considered applicable to many aspects of the environmental movement. On the last Friday of every month, in cities around the world, but especially in San Francisco, there is a huge bike ride called “critical mass” which sometimes attracts thousands. The main point, … Continued

Op Ed: K Street Hinders the Sustainability Movement in America

If corporations are threatened to be taxed or regulated by the government in ways that may reduce their profits, they use their riches to invest on K Street, (otherwise known as “Lobbyist Boulevard”) in Washington. Currently, there are over 34,000 lobbyists in the U.S. According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the Citizens … Continued

AskPablo: American Idle

Is it better to let your car warm up for a bit or tear off down the road right after ignition? Having lived in Maine I know that automatic car starters are a hot commodity when it is -30F outside. It is understandable that people don’t want to get in their car if their hands … Continued