Design: Rethinking our Needs

I should take time out to sit down and think more often. It is almost inevitable that when I do so, the clutter in my mind disappears and I get a better sense of what I need as opposed to what I think I need while I am caught in the hyper-pace of what has … Continued

Amory Lovins Has a New Blog on Yahoo! Green

“Enough about the climate problem. Let’s talk climate solutions.” Thus begins the new blog by Amory Lovins on Yahoo! Green. Prepare to have your assumptions turned on their heads as the co-author of Natural Capitalism and founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute shows us how “protecting the climate is not costly but profitable.” Mr. Lovins … Continued

Liquefied Coal: Defying Common Sense

Brilliant. That is about all I can say regarding the latest news of the recent push in Washington D.C. subsidize liquefied coal as a potential fuel source for vehicles. In this case, there is no need to make any remarks rooted in partisan leanings one way or another, as the proposal, supported by Peabody Energy, … Continued

Robb Report Goes Green?

The Robb Report is a lifestyle mag for the ultra wealthy that often pushes the “tackiness” envelope well past the breaking point. Nonetheless, even they seem to be seeing green these days with the debut of an annual green issue on the horizon (it may have something to do with the somewhat more subdued Helium … Continued

The Lazy Environmentalist Book Launches

It’s always nice to see a lot of hard work come to bear fruit. Josh Dorfman is a friend of mine and also the founder of Additionally he’s been hosting a weekly radio program called The Lazy Environmentalist which has recently become a book by the same name. It’s a pragmatic look at the … Continued

EcoLanguage Presentations on YouTube

Lee Arnold has put together some nifty little animated descriptions of various economic situations on YouTube. They all fall under the title of “EcoLanguage” because all make an attempt to include integrated-bottom-line thinking into their explanations of everything from Social Security to Waste & Pollution. The animation is a little hokey, but the explanations are … Continued

Free Webinar: “The Consumer and Sustainable Supply Chains

Professionals for Responsible Supply Chain Management (PRiSM) will present a free “webinar” tomorrow at 10AM pacific time. PRiSM is an affilliate of Net Impact and will share recent survey findings of consumer attitudes to better understand how people perceive and value better practices within the supply chain, and how company and product brands relate to … Continued

AskPablo is taking a break this week

In honor of memorial day I will be taking a carbon-neutral trip to the mountains. I will be back with answers to your sustainability questions next week. If you have a great question please send it to pablo.paster(at)

Wal Mart Videos to Peruse this Weekend

I’m taking off for the long weekend and I highly recommend you do the same. All work and no play ya know. But here’s a Wal Mart Video featuring Andy Rubin, Adam Werbach and others talking about CFLs, along with a whole host of others. It’s a veritable youtube of options. The one about skylights … Continued

The Greening of Trafalgar Square

It’s amazing the difference a little green makes. Perhaps inspired by San Francsico’s PARKing project, but with a much grander scale in mind, a group promoting tourism in London has temporarily ‘greened’ Trafalgar Square. It’s not a permanent installation (I can only imagine how quickly that grass would be trampled) but it really looks great. … Continued

What’s Holding Back Windpower?

Every time I see a major windfarm in California, regardless of the wind conditions it seems that half of the turbines are not spinning. I attribute this to the age of the windfarms around here (30 years or more) and an apparent lack of maintenance budget. But it’s still puzzling that we’re not doing more … Continued

Bloomberg To Launch All Hybrid NYC Taxi Fleet

Today’s NYTimes has a great announcement from New York City that’s been a long time coming – The entire city’s taxi fleet is proposed to be replaced with hybrid vehicles over the next few years, replacing the woefully inefficient Crown Victorias that now patrol the streets. The plan comes from Mayor Bloomberg himself, which certainly … Continued

GreenBiz Launches Greener Computing

GreenBiz has launched a new website called The site will be a resource for IT professionals concerned about the environmental effects of computers and other pieces of high tech equipment – not just in terms of energy use, but in terms of manufacturing and disposal issues. Additionally, there’s a twice-monthly newsletter to keep you … Continued

AirTran vs. Midwest: Save the Cookie or Save a Buck?

Here’s an interesting puzzle of priorities. AirTrain airlines, a discount carrier based in Atlanta is attempting a hostile takeover of Midwest Airlines, a premium-service carrier based in Milwaukee. The story is getting downright fascinating. AirTran, the reincarnation of ValuJet, is known for cheap fares, but not a whole lot else. Midwest, although a far cry … Continued

AskPablo: Fuel Cells

Energy supply problems and the realization that a carbon-based economy cannot be sustained indefinitely have prompted us to look for alternatives. One such alternative is hydrogen, a noble gas abundant in water (H2O). Combustion of hydrogen releases only pure water and hydrogen fuel cells have a theoretical efficiency of 83%. Why is there not a … Continued