CNN Article Moves Green Even More Mainstream

Have a look at this article on CNN: “Solar Power Makes Tiny Village Beam“. It’s a fantastic story featureing not only environmental progress, but human happiness and bottom of the pyramid economic progress. But if you spend any time reading TreeHugger, this blog, or many others, the story isn’t a whole lot unlike the dozens … Continued

AskPablo: Land Use Changes

This week Tyler asks: “What is the climate change impact from deforestation, land-use changes, and reforestation?” This topic is quite relevant these days because many carbon offset organizations offer to plant trees to mitigate your personal carbon emissions. Are you really getting what you pay for? And what is the impact of cutting down a … Continued

Pepsi Bows to Pressure, Labels Aquafina “Public Water Source”

Although I’m partial to a bottle of Pelegrino from time to time, I generally eschew bottled water as basically a gimmick. Much of it is, after all, literally tap water. PepsiCo’s major bottled water brand, Aquafina, is indeed tap water, and will now state it’s source on the bottle. The change in labeling (somewhat subtle … Continued

Socially-Conscious MBA Students Aim to Avoid “The Trap”

Over the past couple of weeks, I have read a number of reviews of the new book, The Trap: Selling Out to Stay Afloat in Winner-Take-All America, by Daniel Brook. The most interesting of these was written by Astra Taylor on I have not read the book, but Taylor offers a good summary and … Continued

IMB to Enter the Solar Cell Space?

Cleantech blog had a great scoop yesterday suggesting the imminent entry into the solar market by IBM. The evidence gathered in this well researched piece cites a number of recent patents by IBM in various areas of high-tech solar cell development as well as the obvious market trends toward solar technology in general. It sound’s … Continued

Visualization of Ecological Footprint by Country

Population Ecological Footprint Worldmapper has created a series of 366 world maps, each showing the proportion of a single variable in each of 200 territories, encompassing 99.95% of the world’s population. The maps are density-equalising cartograms, which allow direct comparison of one map to each of the others. The above comparison of current world population … Continued

Burning Man Corporate Controversy – Selling Out or Evolving?

The bulk of San Francisco’s creative social scene revolves around the monumental once-a-year event known as Burning Man. This year, Burning Man will have a “Green” theme which expands their already strong environmental policies to try to become a closed-loop event. Nonetheless, there is also great controversy this year, as Burning Man will feature a … Continued

Intel Launches CSR Blog

Intel has launched a new blog on corporate social responsibility called CSR@Intel. There hasn’t been anything particularly interesting up on the blog yet, but I’m happy to see any company moving in the direction of more transparent communications, especially in the realm of CSR. Intel actually has 8 blogs on various subjects linked to from … Continued

AskPablo: Black Google

This week’s question comes from Julia. She asks “is it really true that a black Google page would save energy?” She is, of course, referring to a very popular article written by Mark Ontkush back in January. He claims that turning the Google page black would save 3000 MWh per year! As a result, Blackle … Continued

Junk Food Thwarts Pepsi – Nestle MegaMerger

According to the Wall Street Journal, PepsiCo’s dependence on junk food for the bulk of its sales was a primary factor in derailing Nestle’s intent to merge with the company. Nestle manufactures a fair amount of junk food too, but is not as dependent on soda and chips as a cornerstone of its business and … Continued

Walmart: 1MPG Better Saves over $35 Million

I always have to preface any Walmart post with my grain of salt, but when it comes to demonstrating the raw financial savings of better efficiency, they’ve constantly amazed and should serve as a common-sense model. Simply by increasing the fuel efficiency of their truck fleet from 6mpg to 7mpg (though a variety of means) … Continued

Whole Foods Selling $15 Shopping Bags… Lots of ’em

Getting rid of our incredible plastic bag glut is a monumental challenge with all sorts of approaches. Whole Foods seems to have come up with another one, which is working out great financially for the company as well. WF is offering “designer” shopping bags at a (pretty steep) $15 each to shoppers. They look cool … Continued

StonyField Farms Working with Sustainable Harvest

(This is a guest post by Jessica Schessler) Obviously, rainforest destruction is a heated topic of discussion. Many popular websites claim to plant trees in exchange for donations, and even Dell has hopped on the bandwagon. When you buy a new computer you can select “plant a tree for me” as you checkout and help … Continued

All-Electric Mini Cooper Ready for Consumer Market

Hybrid Technologies, known for their Smart Car and sponsoring UC Berkeley’s sophisticated Cal Sol Project, announced today that their all-electric, Lithium-Ion powered BMW AG Mini Cooper has moved into production. The car is reported to have a range of 120+ miles on a single charge, speeds up to 80 miles per hour, and acceleration of … Continued

Case Studies for “Green” Corporate Marketers

The Business Development Institute and PR Newswire are putting on a half-day conference in New York on Tuesday, July 24th that will feature “green communications” case studies presented by corporate executives from Ford, HSBC, Interface, National Geographic, and the U.S. EPA. If you can’t be there in person, sign up to view a free webcast … Continued