All-Electric Mini Cooper Ready for Consumer Market

minicooper.jpgHybrid Technologies, known for their Smart Car and sponsoring UC Berkeley’s sophisticated Cal Sol Project, announced today that their all-electric, Lithium-Ion powered BMW AG Mini Cooper has moved into production. The car is reported to have a range of 120+ miles on a single charge, speeds up to 80 miles per hour, and acceleration of 0-60 in 6.0 seconds. According to the press release, “The Mini Cooper Frame is produced by Mini Cooper in Oxford England, and the conversion to all-lithium currently takes place in North Carolina at Hybrid’s Mooresville plant.”
You can watch these test drive videos from Popular Mechanics and Forbes Magazine.
I love announcements like this. I think fun and sexy cars like the Mini and the Tesla are just what the auto industry needs to get people excited about the potential of electric cars. No word about the cost, though. Hopefully it will be affordable…
The Mini is incredibly fun to drive as it is…I can only imagine what an electric engine will do for its performance. You can currently rent a non-electric one from ZipCar, it will be interesting to see if car sharing companies hop on this as a great way to introduce people to these cars.
On a related note, check out Jay Leno’s review of the Tesla.

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  1. That’s great. Another BS story by Hybrid (“hype”) technologies about a car they are “just” about to put into production. I would get an actual manufacturing plant before I put a car into production – hybrid technologies does not have one. They have posted their “production” of the Smart Car for over a year. Look on their website – have never been able to get a Smart Car. Tesla and Miles Automotive are for real. Hybrid is only really good at putting out great “pr” pieces. Regards – David Lassiter

  2. Too many car’s “ABOUT to come out”. I would like to actually see an affordable one start production so I can actually buy one.
    I agree with the other poster. This looks like just another P.R. piece about a car that may or may not make it to market.

  3. These guys are not to be taken too seriously, IMHO. In fact, I’d be downright wary of them.
    They’re a penny stock on the OTCBB, and their hype keeps their price aloft.
    The City of New York just returned one of their much-hyped PT Cruiser electric Taxicabs, another 120+mile range spec’d car. At worst it got 40 miles and never made it beyond 90 miles. It also never made it through a 10 hour shift.
    Want to spend some dough and be disappointed in electric cars? These guys will oblige you!

  4. I’m sick of people saying stuff is about to come out as well. Seriously, how hard can it be to create an all-electric car?
    GM used to have one, but now they are promising one by end of year, 2010…?!
    I think the car producers (esp in the U.S.) are dragging their feet. Just think of the jobs that would be lost if you didn’t need regular oil changes, transmission, engine work… gasoline.

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