West Coast Green Review (Guest Post)

18a3.jpgIt’s not like Organic Architect Eric Corey Freed needs more publicity but we feel obligated to dole out some props. As one of the West Coast Green noted speakers his “An extremely unusual look at Green building” certainly caused a stir during day one. We knew that we were in for a Freed special when he started his talk with his recent quote, “Guilt is no way to sell environmentalism.” We agree. As he says it’s time to do something, and that doesn’t mean buying carbon credits.
His speech, divided into convenient bite sized pieces, brought up unusual and startling images of how we waste materials and what we can do to improve things. He pulled up facts like Americans spill about 17,000 million gallons of gasoline while filing those nasty lawnmowers which cause five percent of CO2 emissions. Why do we have lawns anyway? Why don’t people plant native species in their front and back yards?

The Organic Architect got feisty bringing up eco punching bags such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which loom as the AstroTurf of grass roots campaigns. (See who funds them). He kept his boxing gloves on through much of the match, err speech, with his tirade against all things vinyl. No two ways about it, vinyl may be the worst material in existence. He even brought up his quote about Pergo being the “cockroach of wood flooring.” Surprised? Conduct your own due diligence and discover the 16 percent formaldehyde and other nasty non-Green Pergo elements.
Freed balanced all that is evil with innovative Green elements such as the Sunflower, eco smart fireplaces, as well as water saving techniques that Freed uses in his office.
The Green gloves are off and we’re ready for round two.
— Keith Rockmael, Greenerati.com
(photo is Eric Corey Freed)

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