Green Zebra Spreads its Stripes

Like a fine bottle of organic wine, the Green Zebra guide seems to get better with age. Okay, this 2008 version represents only the second San Francisco edition but it marks an improvement over numero uno. We must not be the only ones into this whole Green money saving coupon thing as the Zebra spread … Continued

Home Energy Weak Spots

According to a recent study commissioned by JELD-WEN, a manufacturer of windows and doors, nearly 26 percent of homeowners say what they dislike most about their existing windows and doors is that they are drafty and inefficient. As the temperature outside drops, it’s hard not to notice that these inefficiencies quickly turn into rising utility … Continued

On Halloween Congress Gets the Spooky Truth about Fuel Efficieny

by Lorna Li On Halloween, the Pew Campaign for Fuel Efficiency is sending out “Spooky Truth” Trick or Treat bags to every member of Congress, urging them to approve strong fuel efficiency standards for the 2007 Energy Bill. In June, the Senate passed the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standard – a strong, bipartisan compromise … Continued

Are BioFuels a “Crime Against Humanity?”

Jean Ziegler gave a harsh assessment on biofuels at a UN press conference on Friday, calling for a 5–year moratorium on pure biofuels. Ziegler is the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food for the United Nations. With more than 850 million people in the world chronically hungery, Ziegler said it was a “crime against humanity” … Continued

Renewable Energy: Is it in Your Investment Portfolio?

The global market for wind energy grew by a staggering 32% in 2006 and 41% in 2005. Meanwhile the U.S. solar photovoltaic market grew by 33% last year despite supply chain constraints, but if you live in California, this may seem like a modest estimate to you. That landscape of energy production is shifting, creating … Continued

Pliable Cork Creativity

Home decor has climbed aboard the green movement by directing its focus on eco-friendly furnishings and sustainable materials.This revolution by design is attempting to establish a cohesive relationship with the green lifestyle and attitude. From wall coverings to case goods, from flooring to upholstery, furnishings of sustainably harvested materials have taken hold. A fine example … Continued

Of Abalone, Drugs, Dwindling Populations & Economic Empowerment

“Illustrations of the threat we pose to other species and the environment and our inability to manage use of our marine and terrestrial natural resources are increasingly common, and one can be seen in the decimation of one of the few remaining wild marine populations of abalone taking place here in South Africa’s Western Cape Province south of Cape Town.”

AskPablo: Is the IPCC wrong on sea level rise?

Despite its name, Greenland is anything but green (which I can appreciate since my name is also a bit misleading because I am not even remotely Hispanic — I was born in Germany…And no, you may not AskPablo about this, ask my mom). In another bit of irony you will also find that Iceland is … Continued

The New Generation of Green on Campus – The Sustainable College Movement

The recent release of the 2008 College Sustainability Report Card, produced by the Sustainable Endowments Institute, shows that two-thirds of all institutions improved their sustainability endeavors this past year. The areas in which they improved the most were in: the appointment of “green” administration, the use of renewable energy, green buildings, food and recycling, and … Continued

Less Mercury in CFL’s – GE is working on it.

The average Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb contains about 5 milligrams of mercury. About enough to coat the tip of your ball point pen. Not much. Here’s the thing. With everyone from Al Gore to the local “green blogger” down the street touting the advantages of the energy-efficient CFL’s as one simple strategy in stopping (er… mitigating) … Continued

A juicy issue…

Have you enjoyed some soy milk today? Perhaps a nice juice pack? Or added to your soup with a broth in a box? It’s so convenient, having packaging that allows you to not depend on refrigeration, and not be limited by short expiration dates. Most of those packages are created by Tetrapak. They seem benign, … Continued

World Series Going Solar

The 103rd World Series is here, the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies both swinging at a shot to become the next world champs. So what does this have to do with green business? It has to do with Coors Field, home to the Rockies, which happens to be the first stadium to harness the … Continued