Bamboo: A Smart Flooring Alternative

Bamboo is inexpensive, available in a variety of styles and is a renewable resource. Bamboo flooring is similar in appearance to hardwood but is even more durable in terms of scuffing, wear and expansion. Bamboo is harvested in plantations that take only 3-6 years to reach maturity. Although still not widely used, it is perhaps the most efficient material for flooring.
How do bamboo floors compare with other hardwood floors?
There are three common types of bamboo floors. Horizontal & vertical bamboo flooring is harder than Oak hardwood. Strand Woven bamboo flooring is harder than the most expensive Brazilian Walnut. An added bonus is bamboo flooring is actually less expensive than hardwood! A common problem with bamboo is expansion due to high humidity; this problem can be avoided if the flooring is allowed to acclimate for no less than 72 hours.
How is it made? Fresh & mature bamboo clums are split and flattened lengthwise into strips of equal dimensions. These are processed & kiln dried before being pressed against each other and glued under high pressure to form raw planks. From here it is finished in a variety of ways.
Is bamboo environmentally friendly?
In most cases bamboo is specially cultivated and harvested, without damaging the ecological system of renewal. Every year the parent bamboo plant develops new stems, so the stems can be harvested after a few years in a mature plantation without decreasing the size of the forest. Not all bamboo is environmentally friendly however, in some cases toxic glues and surfacing compounds are used so be certain that the product was manufactured in accordance with the E1 safety and emission standards.

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  1. Whoa! Enough breathless hype. There is bamboo and there is bamboo. A minute or two spent with google will show you many people have been very unhappy with it. Cheap bamboo can scratch extraordinarily easily. Carbonized bamboo (darker) is meaningfully softer than non-carbonized. Engineered bamboo made from certain parts of the grass are softer than others.
    Also, warranties are skillfully written to exclude “wear and tear”, so under any circumstances its unlikely you’d get a dime back for any suc complaint.
    I have spoken with people who are very happy with bamboo, and others who are miserable. has a good article in its archives about these differences.
    Look before you lay your floor.

  2. Those unhappy bamboo folks are not installing the right bamboo or installing it incorrectly. There are good and bad floors out there, whether the floors themselves have been poorly manufactured or the installation was done without care. I appreciate the comment, it is noteworthy that you should be wise before installing the bamboo as with any hardwood floor, the wrong methods will result in poor results. I still believe bamboo is a great choice, seeing fantastic results myself, do your homework before making the move and you will not be displeased.

  3. I’m one of the people who HATES the bamboo flooring that we had installed. We’re a retired couple without kids and no animals. We thought we were being good stewards by installing bamboo. After two years it looks like heck–full of scratches and dents. You’re right about not getting a dime back for our complaints. We were told that no where in the literature does it say it won’t scratch or dent. So we’re stuck with crap. I intend to tell everyone I know not to buy bamboo and have even gone up to strangers in stores purchacing bamboo and telling them about our flooring. Your advice about looking before you buy bamboo is right on.

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  5. Truly Bamboo is an awesome option for flooring.Bamboo flooring is extremely hard and interestingly, is stronger than many hardwoods.Another of bamboo flooring’s advantages is that it is highly moisture resistant.It is eco-friendly too.Cleaning methods are another advantage of bamboo flooring. All it really needs is a sweep to remove dust and other walk-in particles and a mop once a week or so.

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