Clay: Old World Look in the New Age

american%20clay.jpgThis past weekend a new all natural earth plaster was unveiled at the Traditional Building Exhibition & Conference in New Orleans. American Clay Enterprises is the company behind the all-natural plaster. The wall plaster is nothing entirely new however; it is the descendant of an ancient wall surface which happens to be an advantageous product for interior finishes. So what is this clay and what are the benefits? It is mold resistant, temperature moderating, humidity controlling, sound attenuating, no VOC’s, flexible and repairable.
The product is popular for the old world finished look bringing with it the new-aged “green” qualities. American Clay Earth Plaster products combine a variety of unique clays, aggregates and natural pigments that offers the building industry a natural and elegant option. If you have an itch to see this product look for it to be highlighted on upcoming television episodes such as E! “Green That House” and on HGTV’s “Living with Ed.” If you have to get your hands on it there is an American Clay “Try-It Kit” containing three bags of sample product, 6″x6″ pre-primed sample boards, instructions, and a mini practice trowel that can be ordered online pr at one of their select retailers.

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