ECO Metroguide Sets a Standard for Green Publishing

It’s that time of year when we all start seeing the 2008 calendars, and other dated material so, of course, our eyes caught a green glimpse of the 2008 EcoMetro Guide. The East Bay guide follows the recent trend of not only supporting local community shops, restaurants and vendors but doing the very American thing of saving money by clipping coupons.
We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover, or what the cover is made of, and in this case the EMG pushed the limits and possibly the sanity of their local printer by using 40% post consumer paper (read page 8 of the guide for a full printing overview) as well as soy ink printing done by INX International.

In addition to the myriad coupons for local restaurants (all of which apparently passed some sustainable survey) as well as grocery items, the guide includes creative Green tidbits, lists and warnings. We’re not really sure why they included national grocery coupons items especially when they promote the “Green is Local” mantra but some people need their Ecos laundry products or organic Kettle chips. We know that these are minor Green quips but this guide still makes for a good “read” for any sustainable Oaklander.

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