Green Zebra Spreads its Stripes

gzebra.jpgLike a fine bottle of organic wine, the Green Zebra guide seems to get better with age. Okay, this 2008 version represents only the second San Francisco edition but it marks an improvement over numero uno. We must not be the only ones into this whole Green money saving coupon thing as the Zebra spread its stripes to Marin County and the Peninsula.

We like the opening section that that details some of the non-sustainable dangers that lurk in beauty products, the absurdity of drinking bottled water, and how to judge a green business. They kept and updated the sustainable seafood chart so for now we’ve nixed the imported shrimp right off the barbie.

We’re all about the Green Zebra support of the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance that helps bring Green awareness to various city schools. This version appears to have even more emphasis on restaurants that have sustainable practices and support local growers. Those into hard number will appreciate that they used the same 98% post consumer New Leaf printing and increased the number of money saving pages from 320 to 352.

Enough chat, we’re off to redeem our fair trade, organic coffee coupon.

Thanks to Keith over at Greenerati for this post.

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